The Pros and Cons of Outdoor Pools: Part Two

Starting construction or installation for a pool can be an overwhelming process if you don’t have all of the information up front. You will likely receive many opinions from family, friends and neighbors about what the best decision is. On top of this you have numerous options to choose from throughout the entire process when you’re trying to make the best decision for you and your family.

Here are some things to consider:

Is my yard big enough?

A pool is an investment that will improve the quality of your home. Before even considering if a pool is a good fit for you and your family make sure you consider your yard. Is your yard big enough to fit a pool while having ample space for other activities? Does your yard have a slope? What kind of soil will you be dealing with? If your yard is level it will make the process much simpler and easier. If you have rocky soil this will make it more difficult during construction and it will add to the overall cost and time of the project.

Are there any zoning restrictions or permits?

Check out Brevard County licensing requirements to see if you need a licensed contractor for the area you live in and for more information. Before the process even starts you will need to acquire the required pool permits. This process could take anywhere around a day to couple of months depending on the regulations for the area you live in.

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How long is the process?

When you get a pool installed in your backyard you would like to swim in your new pool as quickly as possible. It really depends on the contractor you choose, but for concrete pools it can take about four to six weeks on average. There may be extra work involved if there are any hurdles along the way and this could add more time onto the completion of the project. Once you start digging some surprises may show up that you can’t control. A vinyl pool has a shorter installation time which is about two to five weeks. A fiberglass pool has the shortest installation time which is about two weeks or less.

With Tripod Aluminum we will be able to help you with pool enclosures in Melbourne, Florida. With the addition of a pool enclosure to your home you will have the perfect private oasis for you and your family.

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