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6 Benefits of Getting a Garage Door Bug Screen in Melbourne FL!

If you are like most people, your garage serves more purposes than just parking your cars.  In fact, you may not park your cars in there at all!  Garages can serve a variety of purposes – storage room, home gym, man cave, and more!  When spending time in the garage, the bugs, dust, and heat can all become irritating.  They take away from the enjoyment of your garage space and make chores more frustrating.  An awesome solution to these problems is a garage door screen.

We all know what screen doors are, so think bigger and better and you have a garage door screen.  These aren’t the screen doors you grew up with or the magnetic screens you have seen advertised on TV.  The quality garage door screens installed by Tripod Aluminum are made of fiberglass mesh.  You can choose from retractable screens, roll-up screens, or motorized screens.  Garage door screens offer privacy as you can see out, but others can’t see in.  They keep pests out.  They keep your garage cooler.  They have all these benefits, plus they look great!

Floridians love to utilize their outdoor space.  Our weather here is just too good to spend our days indoors.  A garage is a great space to spend time.  Garages can be used to store cars, of course, but they also have many other uses.  They are often turned into hangout spots – man caves, teen social spaces, craft areas – the list could go on and on!  But, in order to have any kind of airflow to make the garage more comfortable, you have to open the garage door.  This lets in all the things you don’t want in your garage – bugs, snakes, dust, and neighbors (just kidding!).  This article will look at 6 benefits of garage door screens.

#1 Privacy

When you open your garage door, you lose all privacy.  Maybe you want to turn your garage into a home gym, but the idea of the neighbors seeing you working out makes you uncomfortable.  Perhaps you want the garage to be your “man cave,” your space to unwind or hang out with friends.  That doesn’t mean you want the whole neighborhood to see what you are doing or feel like the open garage door is an open invitation.  These situations perfectly represent why privacy in the garage is important to some people.  At Tripod Aluminum, the garage door screens we install are made of fine mesh fiberglass.  They allow you to see out (goodbye, claustrophobia), but passersby cannot see into your private space!

#2 No Pests!

The fine mesh fiberglass screen keeps pests out!  Now you can use your garage without sporting 20 mosquito bites after changing your oil! Floridians joke about mosquitos being the state bird.  They can literally make you run inside seeking safety from their relentless buzzing and biting.  They can also carry harmful diseases.  The screen will also keep out bigger pests like lizards, snakes, and neighborhood cats.  This protects your belongings and keeps you safer.  While many of our snakes are helpful and eat pests, you probably don’t want one as your workout buddy.

#3 Keeps Your Garage Cooler

By opening your garage door, you let in air which can substantially cool your garage, especially when there is a nice breeze.  The screen allows airflow without bringing in all the dust and pollen you don’t want.  It is easy to get overheated in a confined space without airflow, so this is an important quality, not only for your comfort but also for your safety.

#4 They Are Versatile

We offer retractable, roll-up, and sliding screen doors.  You can choose the kind that best works for your needs and budget.  Additionally, they have a customizable fit, not one-size-fits-all.  So, if your garage is a unique size, it doesn’t mean you can’t get an amazing garage door screen!  We offer customized solutions to ensure a perfect fit!

#5 They Are Durable

Our fine mesh fiberglass is durable and strong.  “Fine” refers to the mesh, meaning it is tightly woven to keep out unwanted pests, pollen pods, etc.  It does not mean dainty or weak.  On the contrary, our screens will withstand daily wear and tear, as well as adverse weather.

#6 They Look Great!

We offer a variety of colors for the frames and screens so they will blend beautifully with your home’s exterior.  They can be your home’s newest accessory –  like a great tie or a perfect pair of heels!

Tripod Aluminum and Garage Door Bug Screens – A Perfect Match

Tripod Aluminum has been in business for over 30 years in Melbourne, FL.  We install patio enclosures, pool enclosures, aluminum fences, and garage door screens.  We are excited to offer these awesome screens to our community.  They offer privacy so your workout or relaxation time isn’t on display for the neighborhood.  They keep out small and large pests so you are comfortable and safe. Your garage stays cooler because you can open the door to receive airflow (without losing privacy).  They are versatile with retractable, roll-up, and sliding screen options.  They are also customizable for different garage sizes.  They are durable, withstanding daily use and weather.  They look great, adding to your home’s curb appeal.  With all these benefits, we are sure you will love having a garage door screen from Tripod Aluminum!

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