The Pros and Cons of Outdoor Pools

Building an outdoor pool enclosure makes the transition from the house to the pool seamless, while giving more space outdoors for you to freely enjoy the pool and pool deck. There’s nothing like having your own private outdoor oasis and swimming pool in your back yard! Having a screened-in swimming pool is one of the best investments for your home.

Before diving into the deep end and deciding to get a swimming pool installed in your back yard consider some options first:

Above Ground Pools

Opting for an above ground swimming pool may seem like the simpler option because they don’t require a filtration system and are less expensive to install. An above ground pool cost ranges anywhere from a few hundred dollars to around $5,400 depending on the size and model you decide on. If you decide on an elaborate above ground pool, then you will need a filtration system, possibly decking, and other pooling equipment or accessories. On top of all of this you will need to add in the maintenance costs over the years to keep the pool in optimal shape.

In-Ground Pools

A pool made out of concrete has a higher initial cost of about $20,000 to $45,000 compared to other swimming pools because of the cost of labor involved in the installation process. In ground pools tend to have a longer lifespan compared to above ground pools that require more maintenance.


The most important thing to consider is the maintenance. If you purchase an inexpensive above ground pool then it won’t last very long. Vinyl liners can last up for 5 to 9 years; however they are easily punctured and need to be patched or replaced fairly often. Whether you get an above ground or in ground pool you will still need to account for the cost of chemicals, equipment and utilities used for the pool. The materials used in above ground pools are as not durable and long lasting compared to the materials used in in ground pools.

Adding a pool enclosure will help you stay cool all summer long, with the added bonus of keeping out the bugs. At Tripod Aluminum we use top quality products and materials, and we use a personal approach because we want to see our customers happy. Our enclosures and designs are up-to-date with the latest architectural trends no matter the layout of your yard. If you’re in Port St. Lucie, Melbourne, or Palm Bay, Florida, call us today!

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