Pool Enclosures


If you are looking to add a pool enclosure to your home, look no further than Tripod Aluminum. We proudly offer only the best and highest quality hardware when it comes to our pool enclosures. The durable products we use are built to withstand even the harshest conditions like tropical storms and hurricanes, so you can rest assured your pool enclosure will last a very long time. From stainless steel anchors to several types of screening for you to choose from, Tripod Aluminum has exactly what you need for your new pool enclosure. Our variety of enclosure styles allow you to choose the right fit for your home and your budget.

Tripod Aluminum’s master craftsmen take care of every aspect of building your dream pool enclosure, from the design process to the construction itself. We work quickly and efficiently, and always make sure to communicate with our clients throughout the process so we know we are meeting their expectations. Making our customers happy is our top priority, so we work hard to make sure you are completely satisfied throughout the entire process and love your finished product.

Adding a pool enclosure to your home allows you to enjoy your pool without having to worry about the many native Florida pests sneaking in. Some other great benefits a pool enclosure offers is protection from the sun’s harmful UV rays, less pool maintenance, and a way for your pets to enjoy being outside without you having to worry about them running off.

Contact us today to schedule your estimate, and we guarantee you will be happy you did! If you live in Melbourne, Palm Bay, Port Saint Lucie or any surrounding cities, Tripod Aluminum is your top choice for pool enclosure construction. We have been serving Brevard County and Central Florida for over 20 years, and have been consistently rated highly by the Better Business Bureau.

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