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When It Feels Too Hot Even to Swim!

For those of you that don’t live in Florida, you may be wondering how it could be too hot to swim.  Isn’t super hot weather the perfect time for swimming?  At Tripod Aluminum, we understand what it means to be too hot to swim.   Our pool enclosures can help ease the pain of the heat so you want to get in your pool again.


For those of you wondering how it’s possible to be too hot to want to swim, let’s take a look at what we mean.  The decking around the pool – whether fabricated wood, real wood, pavers, or concrete can get HOT.  You can burn those little piggies even with a mad dash across the yard to the pool.  And, it isn’t safe to run near the pool.  If the decking is already wet, it is very easy to slip and possibly hit your head.  

When it’s excruciatingly hot outside, the temperature of your pool can get so warm that it isn’t refreshing.  It feels more like a warm bathtub.  When you are trying to cool down that isn’t exactly what you are wanting.  And, those fun pool floats are made of plastic which heats up quickly in the sun.  As you run across the burning pavement, you jump into the pool, landing atop your giant inflatable pink flamingo, only to find that your feet are burnt and now your buns are on fire!  You get the picture – too hot to even swim!


Goldilocks shouldn’t have committed a B&E (breaking and entering) on the 3 Bears’ home, but she was on to something when she wanted things to be “just right.”  That’s how you want your pool – not too hot, not too cold – just right for a refreshing, fun swim on a hot day.  What can you do to achieve that “just right” pool?

Pool Decking

There are ways to increase the enjoyment level of your pool decking, pool toys, and the pool itself.  If you are having pool decking installed, opt for a lighter color.  Darker colors absorb more heat, making them hotter.  If you already have a dark pool deck, you may be able to change the color.  For example, if you have a concrete pool deck, you can repaint it a lighter color with concrete paint.  It’s actually a fairly easy DIY project.

Pool Toys

Store your pool toys somewhere cool.  You can deflate them and store them inside or if you have space in a shed, you can throw them in while still inflated.  They may still get warm, but they won’t be as hot as if you leave them in the pool in direct sunlight.  Additionally, this can prolong the life of your pool toys and keep them from fading.

Your Pool

Pool enclosures are one of the most effective ways to protect your pool from the heat.  This will not only help to keep your pool at a more comfortable temperature, but it will also help to keep your pool decking and pool toys at a more comfortable temperature, as well.

Besides keeping the pool water temperature at a more comfortable level, pool enclosures help to block out the sun’s UV rays which helps to protect you and your family from sunburn.  Pool enclosures provide shade which reduces the heat inside the pool enclosure making it a more comfortable place for you to spend time.  They also keep pests out, so you can enjoy your outdoor space without the mosquito bites that often come with time spent outdoors.  

By reducing the amount of the sun’s UV rays that get through to your pool, pool enclosures help you save on pool chemicals.  Your pool will maintain a more consistent temperature and not need as many chemicals to maintain the proper balance.


If you’re ready to plunge into your pool and truly enjoy it because it’s finally “just right,” then it’s time to call us at Tripod Aluminum.  We have been installing pool enclosures in the Melbourne, FL area for almost 30 years.  We also serve our surrounding areas, such as Merritt Island, Palm Bay, Cocoa, and Viera.  With year-round beautiful weather, aren’t you ready to get the most out of your pool?  We thought so!  We offer free estimates and customer service from the first phone call to the finished product.  We look forward to serving you!

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