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What are Picture Frame Pool Enclosures?

Have you ever looked out over your pool area and thought that it was as pretty as a picture?  You can now have a pool enclosure that doesn’t obstruct your view.  This article is going to explain what picture frame pool enclosures are and why you should get one.  If you have been hesitant about having a pool enclosure built because you want your view to remain unobstructed, then having a picture frame pool enclosure is right for you.

Picture frame pool enclosures are pool enclosures without the cross beams that obstruct your view.  The pool enclosure industry realized that people want pool enclosures without ruining their view.  They came up with a perfect answer with picture frame pool enclosures.

If you have longed for days and evenings spent by your pool without getting eaten alive by mosquitoes and no-see-ums, then you need a pool enclosure.  What if you have a river or ocean view or perhaps a view of a natural wetlands area and don’t want crossbeams blocking your view?  Then, read on to learn about picture frame pool enclosures and why they might be the answer to your problems.

Picture Frame Pool Enclosures

Traditional pool enclosures have beams going across them horizontally as well as vertically which can be bothersome if you have a beautiful view.  Ultimate View pool enclosures are designed to eliminate those beams to provide an unobstructed view that is “picture frame-worthy.”  Not all pool enclosure construction companies offer picture frame pool enclosures.  As if you weren’t already lucky enough to be living on the beautiful Space Coast, you also have Tripod Aluminum in Melbourne, FL, that offers Ultimate View pool enclosures!

As with all our patio and pool enclosures, the picture frame pool enclosures are built with high-quality materials.  While we often equate aluminum with soda cans, the fact is that aluminum is very strong and is even used on airplanes.  Additionally, aluminum doesn’t rust which is very important in the high humidity on Florida’s east coast.  Pool enclosures made from aluminum are designed to provide years of outdoor living comfort for you and your family.

Why Should I Get a Picture Frame Pool Enclosure?

Picture frame pool enclosures are primarily intended for those who want an unobstructed view.  As mentioned above, if you live on the water or a wetlands area, then these are ideal so that you can maintain your beautiful view while having all the benefits of a screen enclosure.

Pool enclosures allow you to enjoy your outdoor space while keeping insects and other pests outside of your pool area.  Pool enclosures also help to block some of the sun’s UV rays.  You should still wear sunscreen as the UV Index in Florida is often very high.  It is easy to get a sunburn here.  However, by blocking some of those rays, it will help your pool to use less chemicals which will save you money – hooray!

If you have a children’s play area in your backyard, you may like the unobstructed view that the picture frame pool enclosure provides, as well.  It’s always good to have a clear line of sight to whatever your little ones are doing!  However, if your pool enclosure goes up to your fenceline, then you may not mind having a traditional pool enclosure.  Tripod Aluminum is happy to build a traditional pool enclosure for you.  Those are still the majority of pool enclosures that we build.  We are excited, however, to offer both options to our clients!


Pool enclosures are beneficial to everyone with a pool.  Keeping out biting and stinging insects, neighborhood cats, and leaves are all wonderful benefits to having a pool enclosure.  For some of you, a traditional pool enclosure is ideal, while others will prefer the new picture frame pool enclosure.

Tripod Aluminum has been in business in Melbourne, FL, for almost 30 years!  Providing aluminum fences, patio enclosures and pool enclosures to our local neighbors in Viera, Palm Bay, Cocoa, and beyond for almost three decades has been our pleasure!  If you are ready for your pool enclosure, then please give us a call or stop by our on-site showroom.  We look forward to making your backyard dreams come true!

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