Picture Frame Enclosures

Picture Frame Enclosures

Tired of staring at screens and posts… We can fix that!

With So many of us now working from home, who isn’t tired of viewing screens and obstructive posts when you look out at your pool?

Tripod Aluminum can construct a totally different kind of enclosure, it is practically invisible! Envision your screen enclosure –pool, patio, etc.– as a picturesque window spanning up to 65 feet without a post every few feet obstructing your view.

Tripod Aluminum, Brevard, St. Lucie, and Indian River Counties’ premier pool enclosure company, is an exclusive distributor and installer of the Ultimate View Beam. This is the industry’s latest in screen and patio enclosure technology.

Why choose the newest technology in aluminum screen enclosures available?

  • Eliminate those disruptive “posts.”
  • Designed by a former NASA engineer, the Ultimate View Beam is just one of the brands we design and install, which are recognized for strength, simplicity, optically pleasing views, and long-term durability.
  • Whether you are repairing, converting, restoring, or just beginning your screen or patio enclosure project, utilizing state of the industry advancements, Tripod Aluminum, Inc.:
    • Modernizes the look and durability of a dated screened enclosure.
    • Provides protection from the Florida elements – pesky insects, unruly winds and rains, dreaded hurricanes, direct heat, and ultraviolet exposure from the sun.
    • Adds intrinsic value to your home and property, and let’s face it, to be the first in your neighborhood with the latest available in picture window screen enclosures, will surely make your home the envy of the Jones.
  • In addition to the unique bright and clear unobstructed views, our clients have shared with us an added benefit is the increased breezy airflow saving money on the monthly electric bill.
  • In most cases, the entire installation process, working with you as our partners in design and installation, perfecting the optimal enclosure specific for your home, can efficiently be completed in just a few days.

Your home is your safe space and comfort place, and you have probably been spending more time with friends and family than ever before. With a modern and custom-made picture window screen enclosure, a smaller, mid-size, or even a large home, becomes a more spacious outdoor living area that can be utilized year-round.

Tripod Aluminum, Inc. can be your exclusive partner in designing an Ultimate View Beam or similar pool or patio picturesque enclosure that is multi-functional and conducive for a visit from the grandparents, your child’s pool party, a socially distanced teen gathering, or just a night at home under the Florida sky with friends from the neighborhood.

Tripod Aluminum, Inc. has been offering quality aluminum products for more than 20 years in Brevard, St. Lucie, and Indian River Counties. We specialize in factory-direct screen enclosures and pool enclosures that can help lower electric consumption, provide you with protection from ultraviolet rays and improve the look of your property. To ensure consistently excellent quality and service, our screen enclosures are designed in-house and are installed by Tripod Aluminum employees. We are licensed, bonded, and insured for your protection and an exclusive provider of the Ultimate View Beam in Brevard, St. Lucie, and Indian River Counties.

Be the first in your neighborhood and community to elevate your home to the next level by calling Tripod Aluminum, Inc. today for an estimate and consultation.  We will help you bring your vision – unobstructed – to reality, efficiently and affordably.

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