Do You Need a Permit to Screen Porch or Pool Enclosure?

Many people do not think of screened in porches or pool enclosures as construction.  You may ask yourself “do I need a permit to screen porch?”.  Tripod Aluminum, the premier pool and screen enclosure company located in Melbourne, FL, has been in business for over 25 years, and we are here to answer your questions!

Do I Need a Permit to Screen in My Porch or Pool Enclosure?

Yes, you will have to obtain a permit to screen porch or pool enclosure.  In most cases, your contractor will handle obtaining the permit to screen porch for you and will include the cost of the permit in their price.

What Will the Permit Require Me to Do?

Unfortunately, in Florida, there is no uniformity of law regarding permits.  The requirements will vary by county and sometimes even by city.  If your contractor is from your area, he will likely know the requirements already.  For example, one county may require a drainage plan or a digital engineering plan, while another county will require neither.  But, you don’t need to stress about these details.  That is why you hired a licensed, professional contractor.

What if I Skip the Permit for My Screened In Porch or Pool Enclosure?

A licensed, professional contractor will not allow you to skip this step.  However, if you have an unlicensed person build your screened in porch or pool enclosure, they may be willing to cut corners.  This is not worth it!  Please don’t do it, and we’ll tell you why.  If you get caught, it could result in a possible fine or even having to remove your newly built structure!  Additionally, if you try to sell your home, having an un-permitted structure can cause major delays or even cause the sale to fail.

Can I Hire an Unlicensed Person to Build My Screened In Porch or Pool Enclosure?

This is not recommended.  Even if they instruct you to pull a permit, YOU are then responsible as the “contractor.”  In this case, you would have no recourse if they built it incorrectly, skipped out on the job, etc.

Additionally, always check the Better Business Bureau website for complaints against the contractor that you plan to hire.  Nobody is perfect and there are always picky clients, so if a contractor has had complaints filed against them, it doesn’t necessarily mean they are a bad choice.  If they were quick to rectify the situation with the customer, that is a good sign.  However, no matter how quickly they rectified the complaint, if they have MANY complaints against them, don’t risk it!

Tripod Aluminum – Licensed, Professional Builders of Screen Patio, Porches, and Pool Enclosures

Tripod Aluminum is located in Melbourne and has been serving the surrounding communities such as Port St. Lucie, Viera, Palm Bay, and the beach towns for over 25 years. And if you are still on the fence, check out our article on how screened enclosures can add value to your home or property. We build screened in porches and pool enclosures properly with permits. We use quality materials that will allow your structure to last and bring you enjoyment for years to come, so give us a call today!

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