Does a Pool Enclosures or Screened Room Add Value to My Home?

Many homeowners ask this question before any major home improvement project such as Screened Room or Pool Enclosures. Will it add value to my home?  If you are not yet in your forever home and know you will be selling it someday, then this is an excellent question to ask, and were happy to shed some sunlight on this subject for you!

Tripod Aluminum, Brevard, St. Lucie, and Indian River Counties’ premier pool enclosure company, is an exclusive distributor and installer of the Ultimate View Beam. This is the industry’s latest in the screened room and pool enclosures technology. So let’s get some questions answered.

What Is the Difference Between a Screened Room and a Pool Enclosures?

A screened room usually encloses a porch or back patio area.  A pool enclosure is usually much larger and includes the patio as well as the area surrounding the pool.  Screened rooms provide the benefits of protection from the sun, protection from insects and their pesky bites, and protection from larger critters that you do not want in your patio area.  A pool enclosure has the additional benefit of keeping all of these things out of your pool and the surrounding area, plus preventing leaves and debris from entering the pool area!

How Long Will It Last?

Our screened rooms and pool enclosures last for years providing you with a wonderful and beautiful outdoor space.  They are made with durable and attractive aluminum which does not rust.  Its rust-resistance is important here in Florida with the high humidity, salt air exposure, and frequent rain.

While your screened room or pool enclosure may need screen repairs or screen replacement years down the road, your overall structure should last a long time, providing many years of enjoyment.

If you are moving soon, then you will simply get to enjoy it for however long you live there, and the next family will get to do the same.  And, if you stay in your house longer than expected, your screened room or pool enclosure will be right there with you increasing your enjoyment of your time in the home.

But, Does It Add to My Home’s Value?

Yes, it will likely add to your home’s value!  If your house is for sale in the same neighborhood as another house without a screened outdoor area, and your houses are very similar, then your screened porch or pool enclosures may help seal the deal for your home sale.  According to The Porch Company’s local expert, realtor Lucy Smith of Fridrich & Clark Realty, the average screened porch return on investment is approximately 70-75%!  That is an excellent return on investment for a home improvement.  So, on top of the time you get to spend enjoying your screened outdoor space, you will likely recoup a large portion of what you paid to have it built!  We consider that a win-win situation!

Tripod Aluminum – Your Screened Enclosures Experts

Tripod Aluminum, Inc. can be your exclusive partner in designing an Ultimate View Beam or similar pool or patio picturesque enclosure that is multi-functional and conducive for a visit from the grandparents, your child’s pool party, a socially distanced teen gathering, or just a night at home under the Florida sky with friends from the neighborhood.

Be the first in your neighborhood and community to elevate your home to the next level by calling Tripod Aluminum, Inc. today for an estimate and consultation.  We will help you bring your vision – unobstructed – to reality, efficiently and affordably.

Tripod Aluminum is located in Melbourne.  We have been in business in Brevard, Indian River and St. Lucie Counties for over 25 years!  We proudly serve our surrounding areas such as Melbourne, Cocoa, Merritt Island, Sebastian, and Vero Beach.  If you are in the market for a screened room or pool enclosure, then please give us a call.  We provide free estimates and look forward to serving you!


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