Starting a Garden on Your Patio Enclosure

Having a patio enclosure comes in handy when you want to start a garden. Starting seeds in an enclosed area indoors is crucial for germinating your seeds. It is beneficial to your seedlings because it ensures they will be well taken care of. Trying to grow seeds outdoors in the soil can be tough because you will have to worry about animals and insects eating your plants before they even have a chance to get to grow, and the weather can also be a hindrance.


Growing your own food from home helps save money on your grocery bills, it will taste better, and you can decide exactly what goes into the soil compared to conventionally grown food found in your local grocery stores. Make sure you research what kinds of seeds will grow easily in your area and what time of year they should be planted. Mushrooms, for example, are a wonderful crop to grow up North in colder weather, but they would not thrive in Florida’s heat.

Seed starting containers

Once you decide what vegetables you would like to plant you’ll need to find plastic seed containers from a local garden store near you. These containers are reusable and can be saved for years to come. Fill the containers with soil, plant your seeds and water daily. You can add more soil on top if the potting mix has settled down into the containers a significant amount.


Find a good location on your patio enclosure where the seeds will get consistent sunshine to warm the soil and produce strong roots. If the soil is too cold this can hinder the plant’s growth and diseases will develop. Direct sunlight is essential to a strong foundation for growing a healthy plant.


Just like we need water to survive, plants need water to draw energy and keep the roots healthy. Plants are extremely forgiving and if you forget to water them for a couple of days they should bounce right back. They do need to be watered on a consistent basis as needed. An easy way to check is by looking and feeling the soil. If the soil is dry then water them.

Patio enclosures in Melbourne, Florida provide an excellent location for starting to grow seeds indoors. At Tripod Aluminum we are happy to help keep away un-welcomed guests such as mosquitoes and rabbits that would otherwise interfere with the growth of your garden.

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