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How Pool Enclosures Benefit You and Your Pool

Splish splash – summer is just around the corner!  OK, spring is only about a month old right now.  But in Florida, pool season begins in the spring!  If your kiddos haven’t been in the pool yet, they will be asking to go in any day now!  While parents aren’t quite ready to brave the pool with the weather in the 70s, kids have been waiting for this weather to jump back into the deep end!  As you prep your pool for summer fun, it’s time to consider the benefits of pool enclosures.  There’s no better way to protect your pool and enhance your outdoor living space than a beautiful pool enclosure!

Pool enclosures offer protection for your pool, as well as for you.  They protect your pool from debris, sun exposure, and unwanted critters.  They protect you from sun exposure and increase your outdoor living space.  They also save you time and money!

In this article, we will look at the benefits pool enclosures offer your pool and you so that you can make an informed decision.  After reading this article, you won’t wonder IF you should get a pool enclosure, but how soon you can have one installed!  Read on to learn about the amazing benefits of pool enclosures!

How Pool Enclosures Benefit Your Pool

  • Less UV exposure – Pool enclosures decrease the amount of UV radiation your pool receives from the sun.  This helps your pool water chemistry to stay balanced, thereby, requiring fewer chemicals.  The sun can also cause wear and tear on the surface of your pool, particularly vinyl pools.  Discoloration of the liner or a breakdown of your pool’s surface can be reduced by the protection pool enclosures provide.
  • Less critters in the pool – While it may be cute to see two ducks taking an afternoon dip in your pool, you won’t think it’s as cute when you discover all the duck doody they leave behind.  Critters in the pool are never good for your water.  And it makes swimming in your pool a lot less desirable when you realize they are doing their “business” in there!  Additionally, if you have ever discovered a layer of frog eggs in your pool, you know that a pool enclosure is a good idea!  Pool enclosures, good; critters in the pool, bad!

How Pool Enclosures Benefit You

  • Less time cleaning the pool – With less debris, sun exposure, and unwelcome critters in your pool, you will find that you spend considerably less time cleaning your pool!  You will also spend less time checking chemical levels and adding chemicals to the pool.  With all the time you end up saving on pool maintenance, you can spend that time actually enjoying your pool!
  • Saving money – This one should have grabbed your attention!  Because your pool chemicals will be more regulated and stable, your pool will not require as many chemicals to be balanced.  This will save you money.  Maybe you can use the money you save towards some fun pool toys!
  • UV protection – Not only does the enclosure protect your pool from UV exposure, but it protects you!  You should still always wear sunscreen when outdoors, especially in Florida which has a very high UV index.  But, your pool enclosure will give additional protection from UV exposure.  Protection from UV rays is important to protect you from sunburns, skin damage, and cancer.  Don’t forget to reapply your sunscreen throughout the day even inside your pool enclosure.
  • Increases outdoor living space – Pool enclosures help to protect you from annoying insects like mosquitoes and wasps.  You can enjoy your backyard on a summer evening without getting eaten alive by mosquitoes!  I know it seems crazy since mosquitoes are like a state bird here, but if you are diligent about keeping the doors to your enclosure closed, you can enjoy a virtually pest-free space outside!  How great does that sound?  You can furnish your pool enclosure with comfortable outdoor furniture to truly have an outdoor space you can enjoy with family and friends.


Summer is on its way, and Tripod Aluminum wants to help you enjoy your summer to the fullest by building you a beautiful pool enclosure.  Offering the benefits to your pool of less debris, less UV exposure, and less unwelcome critters, your pool can be sparkling all summer long!  Our pool enclosures offer you less time spent cleaning the pool and more time enjoying it!  You will save money, have less UV exposure, and have an outdoor living space you can truly enjoy.  If you live in Melbourne, Viera, Merritt Island, or the surrounding communities, and you are looking for a pool enclosure, then look no further than the experts at Tripod Aluminum!

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