Patio Enclosures


Do you have a great outdoor space like a patio, but find it hard to spend time there especially during the summer months? Get a patio enclosure from Tripod Aluminum! A patio enclosure in cities such as Melbourne, Palm Bay or even Port St. Lucie provides shade and UV protection, allowing you to utilize your outdoor space year-round. Additional benefits include a safe space for pets and children, allergen protection, and a barrier between unwanted pests and your home.

Adding a patio enclosure is a great way to increase your living space. During the hot summer months in Florida, many people prefer to stay indoors to enjoy their air conditioning. However, adding a patio enclosure will keep your patio much cooler so you can enjoy the outdoors without the sun beating down on you, not to mention the UV protection that a patio enclosure provides. There is no need to stay cooped-up inside if you have a high-quality enclosure from Tripod Aluminum.

Another great benefit a patio enclosure offers is that it adds value to your home and curbside appeal. Our attractive and practical enclosures will not only improve the look of your home, they will also make your home more valuable should you choose to sell. An enclosed patio is a coveted commodity in Florida, and investing in one is a wise decision whether you plan on selling your home or not.

Patio Enclosures in Melbourne, Palm Bay and Port St. Lucie

We offer a wide variety of enclosure styles and materials at Tripod Aluminum, and we will work with you to construct the perfect patio enclosure to fit your needs and budget. If you prefer a screened-in enclosure, we have different types of screens for you to choose from. If you would rather make your patio into an extension of your home, or a sunroom, we also offer vinyl, glass and acrylic windows. Screened-in patio enclosures provide a more outdoorsy feel and are generally less expensive, while a sunroom-style patio enclosure allows you to enjoy your outdoor area in the comfort of your air conditioning. Whatever your preference is, we can accommodate your needs and explain the pros and cons of each option so you can make the best decision to fit your lifestyle and budget.

We have been serving Brevard County, St. Lucie County, Indian River County and all of Central Florida for over 20 years. Our skilled craftsmen are experienced and reliable, and we are licensed and insured. Contact us today with any inquiries or to get a quote, and rest assured that we will work with you to construct a beautiful and durable patio enclosure that will exceed your expectations.

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