3 Reasons Why Winter Is the Right Time to Build a Pool Enclosure

Of course, pool enclosures can be built any time of the year, but there are a few reasons that winter is the perfect time to have them built! Here are three such reasons:

Reason #1:  It Is the “Off-Season”

Oftentimes, summer rolls around, the heat sets in, and people realize that they wish they had a pool enclosure.  Then, they get frustrated when we can’t schedule their build immediately.  Summer is our busiest time of the year because, along with you, everyone else realized they want a pool enclosure too!  Beat the rush by calling us now during the “off-season” when you aren’t using your pool.  Then, your pool can be pool-party ready in time for summer!  While your neighbors are on a waiting list, you will have a beautiful outdoor living space, already decorated, stocked with pool toys, and ready for use!

Reason #2:  Keep Out the Critters

Florida is home to a wide variety of wildlife.  The creatures and critters that live here often find their way into our yards, garages, workshops, barns, and homes.  During the winter, they often seek shelter or warmth which may draw them to your home even more.  This is another great reason to have your pool enclosure built during the winter.  Snakes, possums, raccoons and the like won’t have access to your back patio if you have a pool enclosure.  In fact, depending on the size of your yard, it may limit them from access to the majority of your backyard property.

Why is it important to keep wildlife out of your yard?  In truth, they were here first.  We have infringed on their natural habitat, but it’s important to find a way to peacefully coexist.  Wild animals are unpredictable and don’t live by the same “code of conduct” as house pets.  A small pet, such as a cat or small breed dog could be injured or even killed by possums or raccoons.  They could also be hurt or killed by certain species of snakes.  Keeping wildlife out of your yard is safer for small pets, and even more importantly, it’s safer for small children.  Research has shown that raccoon feces can contain a bacteria that is harmful to humans, causing severe neurological illness.  Many such creatures are nocturnal, so a pet is more likely to encounter them than a child.  But, we know that the safety of both your children and your pets is important to you!

Reason #3:  a Warm Outdoor Space

A pool enclosure is a great space to set up a gas fire pit!  You may want to even have a round table for playing games.  In other words, it creates additional living space that can be used during the cool months.  Our pool enclosures provide a degree of protection from the elements.  You will notice that it is usually less windy and drier in your pool enclosure.  We can create an extended covered area that can increase your “dry space,” creating a comfortable, warmer outdoor space for you to use during the months that you might normally be confined to indoor socializing.  Who doesn’t enjoy some fresh air even in January?  Picture your closest friends and family enjoying hot apple cider, cocoa, or a hot toddy by the fire pit in your new pool enclosure!

This space is also great for pets in the colder months.  Our furry buddies still enjoy the fresh air, but they may not enjoy wind or rain.  With your new pool enclosure, your pets can enjoy their outside time while staying warmer and drier!  Who says they can’t watch over their domain from the safety and warmth of a pool enclosure?

Tripod Aluminum – The Pros of Pool Enclosures

Located in Melbourne, we have been in business for over twenty-five years.  We have an onsite showroom so that you can explore, in a hands-on environment, all that our company has to offer.  With knowledgeable staff, you can feel comfortable asking questions and receiving professional guidance as to the best products and designs for your project.  Give us a call or stop by our showroom, Monday through Friday, 8:00 am – 4:00 pm.  We look forward to providing you with excellent service and a beautiful pool enclosure!

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