Why You Should Get a Fence

If you enjoy the feeling of wide-open spaces, then you probably won’t know why you should get a fence. Maybe you’re in a neighborhood that doesn’t have fences either. Just because you and your neighbors don’t have a fence, doesn’t mean you don’t need one!

Doesn’t Everyone Have a Fence?

A local resident shared, “I grew up in the suburbs of Central California. EVERYONE had a fence around the yard. I guess California is big on privacy. When my husband and I moved to Oklahoma, they actually listed a “privacy fence” as a selling point on home listings. I had never lived somewhere where only some houses had fences. I didn’t even know that was a thing!  Living in Florida, we see the same thing. Walking through the neighborhood, some houses have really nice fences and some have no fence at all. I guess that’s good motivation to keep up with your landscaping since everyone passing by can see your backyard!” Seems like a great reason as to why you should get a fence.

Get a Fence for Safety and Privacy

Not all fences are intended for privacy. Sometimes you simply need a fence to keep people and wildlife out of the yard and keep pets and children safe. You don’t have to get a plain wooden fence. There are other options out there that look great and meet your fencing needs.

Tripod Aluminum specializes in beautiful aluminum fencing, patio enclosures, and screened-in porches. Get soda cans and chain link fencing out of your head!  They are NOTHING like our beautiful fences. Our aluminum fencing looks like expensive wrought-iron fencing, but it is rust-proof and extremely durable.

Additionally, it can be installed on uneven terrain, so if you live on a hill or have a large property without perfectly flat ground, that is not a problem.

Because our fencing is so aesthetic and does not block your view, it can be used in front yards too. This is a great way to expand the play space for your children or pets.  You can let them run around the front yard without fear of them running into the street.  It also keeps neighborhood pets from “doing their business” in your yard which is a very nice feature.  Never again having to pick up after someone else’s dog would be nice, wouldn’t it?

Get a Free Estimate for your Fence

At Tripod Aluminum we offer free estimates.  So stop asking why you should get a fence and come in and see us. Our showroom is located in Melbourne Florida. We invite you to come in and talk to one of our staff members to ask any questions you might have and to look at the variety of aluminum fencing that we have to offer.  Tripod Aluminum serves all of Brevard and Indian River Counties, so if you live in Cocoa, Merritt Island, Sebastian, or Vero Beach, give us a call or stop by today.  We look forward to serving you!

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