The Benefits of Aluminum Fences and Pool Enclosures in the Fall

If you have considered installing fences in your yard or having a pool enclosure built, now is a great time to do it.  Fall offers a particular set of circumstances that make aluminum fences and pool enclosures especially beneficial.

Why Aluminum Fences in the Fall?

With October comes Halloween.  With Halloween comes trick-or-treaters of all varieties – toddlers dressed like bumblebees, teenagers dressed like ghouls, and families dressed in a variety of “Wizard of Oz” costumes!  If you enjoy this time of year and passing out candy to all the laughing, smiling groups of people on Halloween, then decorating your beautiful aluminum fence is a great way to let them know that you are participating in Halloween.  Lovely Fall wreaths or crazy orange lights can be a fun way to let families know that they are welcome to ring your doorbell.  If, however, you choose not to participate, closing the gate on your aluminum fence and leaving it undecorated can let people know to move on to the next house.  Either way, your aluminum fence is doing its “Fall job.”

Why Pool Enclosures in the Fall?

A pool enclosure is a large screened room that generally encompasses your back patio area and your pool area, creating a beautiful enclosed, screened area that your family can enjoy year-round.  So, why is Fall a great time for a pool enclosure? LEAVES!

While much of the foliage in Florida is evergreen lending to the rich lushness of our surroundings, there are still trees that shed their leaves in the Fall.  If you have ever had a neighbor with an oak tree and a pool without an enclosure, then you know exactly what we’re discussing!  Hundreds of one to two-inch-sized leaves can bombard your pool on a single windy day.

Additionally, Florida’s hurricane season doesn’t conclude until November 30.  It goes all the way through Fall.  A pool enclosure is an excellent way to protect your pool from all the debris that flies through the air during a hurricane.  It can literally save you hours of clean-up time.  You can focus on the rest of your yard while your clean pool sits there, sparkling.

Why Tripod Aluminum for Aluminum Fences and Pool Enclosures?

For over twenty years, Tripod Aluminum has served Melbourne and the surrounding communities, such as Merritt Island, Cocoa, and Vero Beach.  We use the highest quality materials and send trained installers to your home.  We also do screen repairs, so if your screen ever tears during a hurricane or simply from age, don’t hesitate to call us!  It’s Fall, y’all, so give Tripod Aluminum a call!

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