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Where to Put Rover, Fido, or Fluffy

You have embarked on the adventure of dog ownership!  That is exciting and rewarding.  Dogs are loyal and offer unconditional love.  They can provide comfort and companionship.  They help the house not feel empty and give us someone to talk to if we live alone or are just home alone for a few hours.  We all feel less crazy when we are “talking to the dog” and not ourselves, right?


But, what should you do with Rover, Fido, or Fluffy when you aren’t home?  Or, maybe your dog has a more current name like Hunter or Bella.  Regardless of what name your furry friend answers to, you have to decide where to keep him or her when you aren’t at home.


Screened In Porch

Our weather in Brevard County, Florida is a bit tricky when it comes to pet ownership.  We do have the benefit here on Florida’s central-eastern coast of not having freezing weather. Our pups are not in danger of frostbite like they are in many northern states.  Our main issues here for pets are heat, rain, and lightning.  During hurricane season, May through November, it is great if you have an indoor alternative for your pets, but we know that sometimes that is impossible when you are at work or gone for a few hours running errands.


Many people are raised with the idea that dogs are “outside pets.”  That is acceptable during good weather, but if your dog doesn’t have a place to get cool in the heat of the day or dry during our almost daily afternoon rain showers, then you are really doing a disservice to your pet.  Additionally, many dogs are frightened by thunder and may escape from the yard in a desperate attempt to “escape” from the thunder.  They don’t understand thunder and can panic.  Along with thunder comes lightning which may not frighten them, but it is dangerous for them!


If you cannot keep your dog inside when you are gone and do not have anyone that can watch them or let them inside during such weather, then we hope you will consider building them a very safe, sheltered area in your yard.  You will have to truly make sure they cannot escape because thunderstorms really are a prime escape time for scared pups.  Buy or build a shaded shelter for them such as a dog house or their own little “shed.”  If there is an outlet nearby, you may want to put a fan in there, as well.  Our heat and humidity are no joke.


It is imperative that your pup has PLENTY of water available, preferably in a container that they can’t knock over and spill, leaving them without water.  For large dogs, a five-gallon bucket may be the answer to this.  For smaller dogs, a weighted heavy dog bowl that they can’t tip over should work.  Ceramic bowls are heavy and probably spill-proof for a little dog.


Fenced In Yard

Now, some pups are destructive.  They like to dig up your new hibiscus bushes and go potty on your newly planted strawberry plants.  This is where we come in!  Tripod Aluminum specializes in beautiful aluminum fencing.  It has the elegance of wrought iron fencing, but it does not rust like wrought iron!  It is a beautiful and effective way to keep your pup in its designated area.  You won’t have an ugly “dog run” area in your yard, but rather a lovely fenced off area where your pup can still see his whole yard and feel like he is doing his duty keeping an eye on it.  Everyone wins!


If you live in Melbourne, Merritt Island, Cocoa, Satellite Beach or Vero Beach, and you have a pup that needs his own space, then it’s time to give us a call today.  We are a screen enclosure and fencing company and have been in business for over twenty years in Melbourne.  We know you will be pleased with your new fencing, and we look forward to doing business with you!

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Very happy with Tripod Aluminum's screen enclosure work. Despite Port Saint Lucie's extra permit needs for our 1984 home, they quickly resumed and finished the project to our great satisfaction.
Charise Renee
Screen Enclosure in Port Saint Lucie
Chose Tripod for our patio and screen enclosure, finding their price and quality unbeatable. Impressed by their professionalism and the custom features added, like reinforced concrete and an outdoor shower.
Stuart Sheinman
Patio & Screen Enclosure
Hired Tripod Aluminum for screening our front porch and installing double doors. Despite material delays, the installation was flawless, thanks to their efficient, meticulous team. Very happy with their work.
Kathy Wright
Screened-in Porch


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