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What Is Delaying the Completion of Porch Enclosures and Pool Enclosures?

If you have scheduled the building of porch enclosures, pool enclosures, or ANY type of construction since the COVID-19 pandemic began, then you have probably noticed how much longer it is taking for any project to be completed.  In your frustration, you may be screaming at the ceiling, “WHY IS THIS TAKING SO LONG?”  As you look around at your half-finished kitchen or your porch that has yet to be enclosed, you may wonder if you hired the right company.  Let us reassure you, that it is not you and it is likely not the company.  So, what is it?

The Lack of Building Supplies Is Causing Major Delays

Most likely, the contractor you hired is more than willing to work, but he must have the supplies needed to build anything!  The lasting and widescale effects of the pandemic are hard to understand.  The one thing we know is that it is affecting everyone, and the building industry has been one of the hardest hit throughout the pandemic.

The labor industry was already facing one of the worst worker shortages they have seen.  While already struggling to find skilled laborers or even unskilled laborers willing to learn, they are now struggling to obtain the most basic building materials.  And, when those materials are obtained, the cost for most of them has gone up at an unbelievable rate.

The Supply Chain Is Causing Delays for All Construction, Including Patio Enclosures and Pool Enclosures

The main issue is the supply chain.  Manufacturing companies have had to shut down due to COVID.  This causes a backlog of orders.  The pandemic has seen a rise in unemployment with many people fearful to return to work due to possible COVID exposure.  Some people have been unable to return to work due to school shutdowns or repeated quarantines.  They have to stay home to care for their children.  This has created a lack of employees who transport materials even when they are available.  There is basically a domino effect causing a major slowdown in the supply chain.  You see the effects of this daily in the lack of items on the supermarket shelf and the rising prices at your favorite local restaurant.  Let’s look at a local example:

An Indialantic couple has scheduled to have their pool resurfaced.  The contract was signed on 6/29/21.  Prior to the pandemic, the company would have the resurfacing completed in 10-12 weeks.  It has been 8 weeks and they haven’t even begun the project because they cannot obtain the materials.  They have been waiting even LONGER for their hurricane impact windows to be installed for the same reason.

Tripod Aluminum Is Still Serving Our Customers With Pride

Please know that Tripod Aluminum values our customers.  If your project is taking longer than expected, the underlying reason is out of our control.  We WANT to build your porch enclosures.  We WANT to build your patio enclosures.  We WANT to install your aluminum fences.  It is not a lack of desire or effort on our part!  As soon as we have the materials and the employees to do the job properly, it will be done!  We are very appreciative to our customers for their understanding and patience in this truly unprecedented time.  We may have to serve you slower right now, but we will serve you with pride and quality!

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Very happy with Tripod Aluminum's screen enclosure work. Despite Port Saint Lucie's extra permit needs for our 1984 home, they quickly resumed and finished the project to our great satisfaction.
Charise Renee
Screen Enclosure in Port Saint Lucie
Chose Tripod for our patio and screen enclosure, finding their price and quality unbeatable. Impressed by their professionalism and the custom features added, like reinforced concrete and an outdoor shower.
Stuart Sheinman
Patio & Screen Enclosure
Hired Tripod Aluminum for screening our front porch and installing double doors. Despite material delays, the installation was flawless, thanks to their efficient, meticulous team. Very happy with their work.
Kathy Wright
Screened-in Porch


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