Wood Fences Vs. Aluminum Fences

Because we specialize in aluminum fences, you may feel that this will be a biased argument.  But, we specialize in them for a reason!  We DO feel they are superior to wood fences for many reasons, but let us explain. And, of course, you can decide for yourself which is the better fence for you.


You all know what wood fences look like, but we want to make sure you know what aluminum fences look like so you know what it is we are comparing.  Our aluminum fences basically look like wrought-iron fences.  They are really lovely and add to the appeal of your home.  They are not chain-link fences or anything resembling them.  One of the differences between our aluminum fencing and wrought-iron fencing is that our aluminum fencing does not rust. This is very important in Florida with our high humidity!  As you know, almost everything here rusts…but not our fencing!  Additionally, our fencing is considerably less expensive than wrought-iron fencing.


Privacy Concerns

If privacy is your main concern, then wood fencing is probably the way to go.  We cannot argue with that.  But, what about your front yard?  Nobody wants to put up a regular six-foot wood fence in their front yard – that would definitely eliminate the curb appeal of your home!  Our beautiful fences are perfect for the front yard.  They add to the beauty of your home and keep kids and pets safely within the confines of the yard.  By fencing your front yard, you also help to keep the kids’ toys in the yard, so they aren’t chasing things like balls into the street where they could be injured.


Non-Level Ground

Another great feature of our fencing is that we can install them to “go with” the lay of the land.  In other words, if you have uneven ground, wooden fences will show that by having some boards level with the ground while others will have a big gap.  This doesn’t look nice.  Plus, small animals can get into and out of your yard through such gaps. Our fences are a great choice for people with acreage or sloped yards because of this feature.


Lastly, how many of you have lost a wood fence to a storm or know somebody that has?  Just drive around after a major storm has come through Brevard County and you will see fences with panels laying on the ground, if not the entire fence.  An excellent benefit to our aluminum fencing is that it withstands our severe storms here!


At Tripod Aluminum we specialize in these beautiful aluminum fences in Melbourne, FL.  Our fences are not “one size fits all” either.  We have different heights and can even make you a beautiful balcony railing if that interests you.  We encourage you to stop by our on-site showroom in Melbourne to check out our aluminum fencing and other products like patio enclosures and pool screens for yourself.  If you’re looking for a fence company in Cocoa, FL, we know you will be impressed with our work.  We look forward to seeing you!

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