Top 4 Benefits of Screened in Porches and Patio Enclosures

Outdoor living is a huge part of the Florida lifestyle.  Even if you aren’t the outdoorsy type, you probably still enjoy sitting outside on a Fall afternoon or Spring evening.  As temperatures dip just enough to make it not feel like Summer anymore, many Floridians are taking advantage of the extremely pleasant weather by spending even more time outdoors than usual.  Screened in porches and patio enclosures are a great place for spending a couple of hours reading or hanging out with friends.  If you don’t yet have one of these spaces in your yard, then we think you will want one after reading about the benefits!

Screened in porches and patio enclosures have wonderful benefits.  They increase your outdoor living space, they protect you from insects, they keep out unwanted critters, and they provide an enclosed space for kids and pets.  They are a great addition to your home and yard and can be used year-round.

You may already enjoy sitting on your front porch or hanging out on your back patio.  These spaces can be even more inviting with the addition of screening.  This article will discuss the top 4 benefits of screened in porches and patio enclosures.

Benefit #1 – Increasing Your Outdoor Living Space

Because of the beautiful weather here in Florida, you probably already spend a decent amount of time outside.  Whether you are an avid water sports fan who surfs, paddleboards, and skimboards, or someone who just enjoys a quiet afternoon reading in the backyard, the weather in Florida is perfect for all those activities.  Okay, we can admit that there are a couple of pretty hot, humid months where you might seek out air conditioning over outdoor living, but overall, our weather allows for outdoor enjoyment year-round.

By installing a screened in porch or patio enclosure you are increasing your outdoor living space.  Yes, the space technically already existed, but by adding screening, you are making the space more enjoyable and safer for yourself and everyone who uses it.  With the addition of outdoor furniture, such as tables and chairs or couches, you literally expand your living and entertaining space.  Many people add TVs to their enclosed patios.  Some add outdoor sound systems.  Whatever makes the space more enjoyable for you, go for it!

When entertaining, you can leave your sliding door open to the outdoor enclosed patio area for an open feeling, so none of your guests feel excluded.  Because of the screening, you don’t have to worry about insects or other little critters getting into the house!

screened in pool enclosure

Benefit #2 – Protection from Insects

Have you ever tried relaxing outside during lovebug season or the height of mosquito activity?  Your relaxation time can quickly become a swat-fest of you trying to keep all the unwelcome pests away.  That is no way to spend an afternoon!  By screening in your porch or patio, you will keep out the majority of these pests, allowing you to fully enjoy your time spent outside – no flies landing on your cookies, no love bugs in your lemonade!

Not only does screening protect you from annoying insects, it can help protect you from dangerous ones.  If anyone in your family is allergic to stinging insects like bees or wasps, then you can appreciate the added protection that screening provides.  The screening also gives insects like wasps fewer opportunities to build nests on your porch or patio as they have less access.

Benefit #3 – Keeping Out Unwanted Critters

There are critters bigger than insects that we often encounter here in Florida.  If you feel like you are walking through a miniature Jurassic Park every time you step outside, then you may have a lot of lizards hanging out in your yard!  While you might not mind them much, you might also enjoy a space to relax that is lizard-free.

Screening can also help keep out other critters like raccoons, squirrels, and possums.  If for no other reason than not hearing your dog go crazy at 6 a.m., the screening has already proven to be a worthwhile investment.

Benefit #4 – Providing an Enclosed Space for Kids and Pets

Your kids and pets don’t always understand why they can’t play outside in the middle of a torrential downpour.  They get “cabin fever,” and you get a headache!  Patio enclosures are the perfect solution.  They can get outside for some fresh air and a change of scenery, the noise level in the house drops considerably, and everyone is happy.  Patio enclosures can keep your pets out of the rain and mud.  They can provide a dry space for your kids to play on rainy days.  

They can also provide a space to play on hot days when the UV index is high and it is unsafe for your kids or pets to spend a prolonged period of time in the sun.  While you still need to be mindful of the heat, the enclosure provides a shaded space for them to get some much-needed outdoor time.

pool enclosure tripod aluminum


Screened in porches and enclosed patios offer multiple benefits.  You increase your outdoor living space making relaxing or entertaining even better than before!  You gain protection from insects like annoying mosquitoes and lovebugs, allowing you to leave your back door open when entertaining.  You will also gain protection from dangerous insects like bees and wasps.  This is especially important for those with allergies.  Screening also helps keep out unwanted critters like lizards, squirrels, raccoons, and possums.  Lastly, porch and patio enclosures offer an enclosed play space for kids on days with rainy weather or days of intense UV rays.  You can’t go wrong with a screened in porch or patio enclosure.

When you’re ready to have a porch or patio enclosed, it’s time to call Tripod Aluminum. Tripod Aluminum has been building screened in porches and patio enclosures for 30 years!  We are located in Melbourne, FL, with an onsite showroom.  We also proudly serve our surrounding communities like Merritt Island, Viera, and Palm Bay.  If you are interested in a screened in porch or patio enclosure, then Tripod Aluminum is here for you with quality products and professional installation.  Give us a call today!

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