Outdoor Events in Your Screened Room

If you have been contemplating whether or not to have a screened room built, we want to encourage you that it is well worth it!  You may not have realized all the great ways you will be able to use this outdoor living space.  You can now hold outdoor events without the risk of everyone leaving with 200 mosquito bites!  Tripod Aluminum can build you the outdoor space you have been missing!

Types of Outdoor Events

With Florida’s great weather, you can hold an outdoor event almost any time of the year.  We aren’t limited by freezing temperatures or snowstorms!  You may be wondering what types of outdoor events your screened room could be used for, so we thought we would offer a few, helpful suggestions:

Bridal Showers

These wonderful celebrations are a great event to hold in your screened room.  An Indialantic resident shared with us about a bridal shower held in a screened room:  “The parents of our now daughter-in-law hosted the dinner portion of her bridal shower in their screened room.  They had enough space for several round tables which were linen-covered and decorated beautifully.  They hung lights in the backyard adding to the ambiance as it was an evening gathering.  It was stunning!”

Baby Showers and Gender Reveal Party

Screened rooms are a wonderful place to host these events.  If you wanted to host a gender reveal and release pink or blue balloons, you could do so inside the screened room, knowing your balloons won’t escape, eventually causing trash or possibly ending up on the beach or in the ocean.  So, let those balloons “fly!”

Birthday Parties

For kids’ parties, this is a great way to keep the mess outside of your house!  If you are too tired to clean up at the end, simply close the curtains or blinds and deal with it tomorrow!  Your indoor living space is still a clean, quiet sanctuary!  For adult birthdays, you can make this area as fancy or fun as you want, either setting up linen-covered tables as done in the above-mentioned bridal shower or having lots of fun games and a football game playing on the outdoor television.

Tripod Aluminum for Your Screened Room Build

Your imagination is the only thing limiting how you use this incredible outdoor living space.  With no mosquitos biting and the inside of your house staying clean, this really is an easy decision.  Screened rooms may not be a necessity here in Florida, but they sure are fabulous to have!

Tripod Aluminum specializes in screened rooms, as well as pool enclosures.  If you are ready to expand your outdoor living space and live in Brevard County or Indian River County, then you need to give us a call today!  No need to wonder where your next family event will be or the cost of a venue…it’s right outside your sliding glass doors!


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