Sun Protection in the Sunshine State

Living in Florida, locals are aware of the fact that we get a LOT of sunshine.  Our state’s nickname is The Sunshine State with good reason.  Not only do we get sunshine, but we get sunshine that brings a lot of those nasty ultraviolet (UV) rays with it.  The problem with UV rays is that they are excellent at causing burns as well as skin cancer.  Sunscreen is definitely a must-have for every Floridian!


Predisposition to Sunburns

Some people seem to get sunburns easier than others.  Why is that?  There are actually a lot of reasons that someone might get a sunburn easier than another person, according to the American Cancer Society.  Skin color does play a part in that. It’s not a myth that people with lighter skin burn easier.  People with lighter skin have less melanin in their skin cells which helps to absorb the UV rays.  Many other factors affect your chances of getting sunburns and skin cancer, such as how much time you spend outdoors, your family history of skin cancer, and any underlying medical conditions to name just a few.


Sun Protection

You may feel like you are bundled up for winter when you head into the sun – skin coated in sunscreen, polarized sunglasses, big floppy hat, long sleeves with UV protection built-in, and an umbrella.  Some of you might be laughing, but this is a very real scenario for a lot of people.  Wouldn’t you like to spend some time outdoors without worrying about damage to your body from the sun?


Screened In Rooms

Our screened-in rooms (patio enclosures) and pool enclosures may be the perfect solution for you!  You can have a great outdoor space in your backyard with SHADE, glorious shade!  You will have protection from the sun AND insects while enjoying the fresh air!  If you choose to have us build you one of our beautiful pool enclosures, then you will even get to go for a swim!


We also realize that many of you have sun sensitivity due to underlying medical conditions, such as lupus or an organ transplant.  We also know that some of you must take medications that affect your immune system and/or make your skin more sensitive to sunlight.  We want you to be able to enjoy your outdoor space, just like everybody else, so please call us today.  We want to make this possible for you!


If you or a loved one hasn’t been able to fully enjoy the outdoors because of any of the above reasons (or even a different reason!), then please call us today at Tripod Aluminum.  We are located in Melbourne, FL and we specialize in high-quality aluminum screened rooms, pool enclosures, pool safety enclosures (Baby Guard), and beautiful aluminum fencing in Cocoa, Merritt Island, and all of Brevard County.  Our screen enclosure and fence company can be your one-stop shop for making your outdoor space all you want and need it to be!  Call us now, so that you can be sitting outside and enjoying this beautiful weather soon!

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