The Health Benefits of Porch Swings

Sitting on the porch used to be a common pastime that was incorporated into everyday life, but it doesn’t have to be something of the past. A porch swing improves circulation in your body and reduces stress. Sitting on your beautiful enclosed screened-in porch during the evening and reading a good book or watching your kids play in the yard will help you relax and enjoy life more. Listen to the crickets and bring a hot cup of tea to keep you warm as the sun starts to set. Inhale the fresh air and enjoy a conversation with a loved one.

Here are some health benefits a porch swing will bring:

Fresh air

Sitting in a porch swing allows you to benefit from the fresh air and sunshine. A moderate amount of sunshine each day helps provide a good source of vitamin D and will help keep your immune system strong. The sunshine and fresh air stimulate endorphins in your body that will immediately put you in a better mood.

Improve circulation

A porch swing is perfect for lounging around and taking an afternoon nap in the sunshine. According to some medical experts, a porch swing improves circulation and can help improve the appearance of varicose veins. Hanging out in a porch swing or a hammock is known to provide relief to any pain in your back or neck. Sitting on your porch swing for an hour can help relieve any joint pain or aches in your body.

Reduce stress

Sitting in a rocking chair, hammock or porch swings brings a feeling of utter relaxation. The rocking motion slows your breathing and heart rate down. This reduces stress and can bring you back to fond memories in grade school swinging at recess. After a long day at work, you can transcend your stress by swinging on your porch swing.

Swing therapy

Not only does a porch swing provide health benefits for adults, swinging for an autistic child combines therapy and play into one activity. It helps children positively associate swinging with sensory integration. Children find the swaying motion to be relaxing and it helps them unwind. The motion of swinging restores balance in the vestibular system and helps children feel more in balance afterward. The back and forth motion calm infants and children alike.

It’s wonderful because all ages can enjoy the benefits of swinging on your porch enclosure in Melbourne, Florida. Don’t wait any longer to receive the health benefits from a porch swing, and if you need a screen for your porch to keep out pesky mosquitos call Tripod Aluminum today. We are located in Melbourne, FL, and serve surrounding areas like Palm Bay, Cocoa, and Merritt Island with our screen enclosure and repair services.

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