Do I Need a Porch Screen Enclosure?  

Yes, and Here Are 3 Reasons Why You Need a Porch Screen Enclosure!

Known as the “The Sunshine State,” it’s no great surprise that Floridians spend a lot of time outdoors.  One way to get the most out of your outdoor space is by having a porch screen enclosure installed.  Tripod Aluminum has been installing patio enclosures (aka screened in porches) for over 20 years.  We wanted to share with you the reasons that a screen enclosure may be right for you!

#1 Porch Screen Enclosure Keeps Out the Bugs!

If you enjoy spending time outside, then you know in Florida, we have our fair share of bugs.  Mosquitos, no-see-ums, and lovebugs are just a few of the flying creatures that share our air space.  A screened in porch enclosure is a great way to enjoy your outdoor space without getting bit and harassed by whatever bugs are buzzing around that night.

#2 Porch Screen Enclosure Keeps Out Bigger Critters

To be sure, mosquitos are irritating, but have you ever stepped out into your backyard to be greeted by a big frog, a slithery snake, an annoyed raccoon, or an unhappy possum?  If not, then maybe you are new to the area!  An Indialantic resident shared this story:

While taking our 14-pound Shih Tzu out to go potty before bed one night, she perked up and started trotting toward something as if to say, “hello friend!”.  I quickly snatched her up and ran into the house, with her little head bobbing the whole way, probably thinking her mama was crazy.  She was headed over to a very large, male raccoon with his back arched, hissing.  He was not trying to make friends with her!

We understand and respect that all these creatures lived in this area long before humans started building homes.  Instead of trying to remove them from their natural habitat, how about having a porch screen enclosure installed to simply keep them out of your space?  They can go on their merry way, and you can continue to sip on your sweet tea.

#3 Porch Screen Enclosure Increase Your Living Space

Patio enclosures increase your usable living space.  They are great additions to your home when hosting parties or family gatherings.  Our weather allows us to be outside year-round.  Why not incorporate that beautiful weather into your next gathering?  You can leave the sliding door open for guests to freely wander between the house and outdoors without the worry of bugs getting into the house!  A nice set of patio furniture can make it a wonderful extra living space!

Tripod Aluminum Is Ready to Serve You!

Tripod Aluminum, the premier company for screen enclosures in Melbourne, FL, also has an on-site showroom for your convenience.  We are the exclusive providers of picture frame pool enclosures offering the Perfect Picture Frame Enclosures which create an incredible view from your backyard without the interruption of seams or beams.   We serve our surrounding areas, such as Palm Bay, Port St. Lucie, and Vero Beach.  If you are interested in expanding and improving your outdoor living space with a screen enclosure, then it is time to call us!  Your outdoor space is calling to you!  Let us help you answer that call!


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