3 Steps to Porch Renovation

Do you see yourself hosting dinner parties out on your back porch? A porch is a wonderful place for gatherings with families and friends. If you’re interested in renovating your porch, make sure you don’t hold back on your dream design. Imagine yourself relaxing on a porch swing in the shade, laughing with your friends while drinking refreshing coconut water. Think about what you want the porch to be used for. Design the layout and execute your project.

Here are 3 helpful steps to inspire design plans for porch remodeling:

1. Visualize

Try visualizing yourself in the perfect porch of your dreams. Be specific in your visualization. Imagine all of the details from the pattern on a pillow to the smell of flowers and the sensation from the breeze. The trick is to visualize all of the specific details as if you’ve already achieved them. Visualize it as if you already own the perfect porch.

Of course, you can’t just sit around all day visualizing your dream porch and then wonder why nothing has happened. You also need to be active in your pursuit. Know that you will be successful.

2. Design

Design the layout and structure of your space. Grab some graph paper and scale the layout of the porch you’re designing. Design the placement of furniture and arrange everything exactly how the floor plan will be. This will help you to see what you can and can’t fit on your porch.

You will want a solid foundation for your porch. Check out geological conditions around your home to see if there are any limiting factors that should be included in the foundation of your porch. Make sure there is a slight slope underneath your porch to help direct the water away from your home and prevent water accumulation. Find a foundation vent that makes good use of airflow underneath your porch. With gaps between the floorboards this makes it easy for mosquitoes and bugs to intrude. A simple screen will do the trick to keep away those pesky critters.

3. Execute

Once you are done with designing the layout and perfecting your foundation give Tripod Aluminum a call to help you put your plan into action. We serve areas from Merritt Island to Port St. Lucie and everywhere in-between, offering quality porch enclosures, pool screen enclosures, and pool screen repair. You will love your screened-in porch in Melbourne, Florida, and will enjoy it for years to come.

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