Ways Your Pool Enclosure Can Help the Environment and Ecosystem

When considering having a pool enclosure built, you may have never thought that your decision to do so could actually help the environment and your local ecosystem.  That is pretty awesome!  At Tripod Aluminum we realize how fortunate we are to live on Florida’s east coast.  We have access to beautiful beaches and enjoy a variety of wildlife.  Let’s look at ways that allowing us to build your pool enclosure can actually benefit our gorgeous surroundings!

Tripod Aluminum, Brevard, St. Lucie, and Indian River Counties’ premier pool enclosure company, is an exclusive distributor and installer of the Ultimate View Beam. This is the industry’s latest in screened room and pool enclosure technology.

Using Fewer Chemicals Reduces Your Carbon Footprint

Would you like to leave less of a negative impact on our planet?  An easy way to do this is by having a pool enclosure built.  That might sound crazy but let us explain why.  Pools require chemicals to maintain clear, clean water.  There is no way around that, however a pool enclosure reduces the evaporation of chemicals, keeping your pool balanced for longer, and allowing you to use less chemicals overall.  This means less harmful chemicals evaporating into the atmosphere.

A pool enclosure also keep debris out of your pool.  Anytime your pool gets an overload of debris from a storm, it will require extra chemicals to balance your pool water.  Less chemicals equals less of a carbon footprint.  Less debris in your pool will help accomplish this goal by allowing you to use less chemicals.

Pool Enclosure Protects Wildlife

While one of the purposes of a pool enclosure is to keep wildlife out of your pool for your personal safety and the cleanliness of your pool and its surrounding area, an added benefit is that it protects local wildlife from harm by falling into your pool accidentally or even climbing in on purpose.  Wild animals are not made to be in chemically-balanced water.  They are made to survive in natural water resources, such as rivers, ponds, and the ocean. Pool chemicals can be harmful to wildlife.  Additionally, wild animals that get into a pool may not know how to get out, increasing their potential for drowning.  Having a pool enclosure can help keep nearby wildlife out of your pool and in their natural habitat where they are safer.

Do Your Part and Get a Pool Enclosure

Your reasons for getting a pool enclosure may simply be that you do not want to deal with debris and critters in your pool.  But, what great benefits to know that by doing so, you are putting less chemicals into the atmosphere and helping to protect local wildlife.  Maybe that could be your main reason for wanting a pool enclosure!

Tripod Aluminum, Inc. can be your exclusive partner in designing an Ultimate View Beam or similar pool or patio picturesque enclosure that is multi-functional with a wide variety of benefits. Whatever your reasons, Tripod Aluminum, the area’s premier pool enclosure company, is here to build you the beautiful pool enclosure that will expand your outdoor living space while having a positive environmental impact.  Located in Melbourne, we serve all of Brevard, Indian River and St. Lucie Counties, so give us a call today!


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