Did Your Pool Enclosure Sustain Damage from Hurricane Idalia?

It was only a matter of time before a hurricane stopped for a visit in Florida this year.  Hurricane Idalia made landfall on the west coast of our beautiful state as a Category 3.  Here on the east coast, we saw sustained winds with wind gusts that made quite a mess in some neighborhoods.  In this blog, we will discuss what to do if your pool enclosure sustained damage from Idalia’s uninvited visit.  If you have screen tears or structural damage to your pool enclosure, then this blog is for you!

Hurricanes don’t have to hit your area directly to cause damage.  High winds, wind gusts, and heavy rain can all affect outlying areas.  Pool enclosures often sustain damage during such storms.  From torn screens to structural damage, your pool enclosure may need repair after riding out the effects of a hurricane.

The kids got a day off school, your street is littered with palm fronds, your pool enclosure is not looking its best, and you just want to wake up tomorrow and have everything back to normal!  If your pool enclosure has screen tears or structural damage, don’t panic!  That’s what we are here for.  With thirty years of experience serving the Melbourne, FL, area, Tripod Aluminum is your go-to, local company for pool enclosures – repairs and installation.

What Should You Do if Your Pool Enclosure Screen Is Torn?

Screens get torn.  It is inevitable.  One spiky twig hurled through the air by gusty winds and you are looking at a tear in your pool enclosure’s screen.  Thankfully, screens are easily repaired.  With a screen repair kit, you may even be able to repair a small tear yourself.  But, if you want to ensure it is done properly, we recommend giving us a call.  If the screen is too old and brittle or the damage is too severe, we can replace the damaged screen.  This does not mean re-screening your whole pool enclosure.  We can re-screen portions.  However, if your screening is old and brittle and has sustained damage, it is a good time to consider re-screening the whole enclosure.  Otherwise, you may end up calling us multiple times as tears and holes continue to appear.  Screens last a long time, but not forever.

What Should You Do if Your Pool Enclosure Is Damaged?

While the winds we experienced from Hurricane Idalia were probably not strong enough to damage the structure of your pool enclosure, it is possible that it will happen in another storm or has already happened.  If that is the case, then give us a call.  We can assess the damage to determine if repairs are possible or if you need to have a new pool enclosure installed.  We offer free estimates.

What Should You Do if You Don’t Have a Pool Enclosure?

No pool enclosure means your pool probably has a lot of debris in it right now.  The gusty winds love to carry palm fronds from the neighbor’s yard straight into your pool.  They like to settle on the bottom too, so they are even more challenging to retrieve.  If you have cleaned your pool after even one hurricane, then you know the massive headache that it causes.  Your pool water chemistry also gets destroyed from all the debris, so once it’s clean you have to focus on chemicals to restore balance.  Sometimes you feel like you are in the middle of chemistry class!

If you don’t have a pool enclosure and are ready to stop the battle of the debris, then give us a call at Tripod Aluminum.  Our trained installers will be happy to build a beautiful pool enclosure for you to keep out bugs, critters, and debris!  We serve all local areas, including Viera, Merritt Island, Cocoa, and Palm Bay.

Do Pool Enclosures Get Damaged Every Time There Is a Hurricane?

No, just because there is a hurricane or bad weather, it does not mean your pool enclosure will sustain damage.  In fact, our pool enclosures are made with aluminum which is very durable.  Did you know it is even used in the construction of airplanes?  It is also rust-resistant which is perfect for Florida!  Pool enclosures that are substantially older and have been exposed to the elements for a number of years are more likely to sustain damage than a strong, new enclosure.  So, it is definitely worth having a pool enclosure built.  If it wasn’t, you wouldn’t see them all over our beautiful state!


If high winds and flying debris from Hurricane Idalia (or any past storms) have damaged your pool enclosure, take heart.  Your pool screens can be repaired or replaced if beyond repair.  Your pool enclosure can also be repaired or replaced if needed.  You don’t have to lose out on all the benefits your pool enclosure offers – freedom from mosquitos, possums, and debris!  If a hurricane has damaged your tranquil backyard space, then give us a call at Tripod Aluminum.  We’ll have your backyard ready for you to enjoy the September sun in no time!  And, if you do not yet have a pool enclosure, then give us a call.  It’s never too late to enjoy your own beautiful outdoor space!

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