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Pool Fencing – Protect Your Loved Ones

At Tripod Aluminum we are thrilled when spring arrives. After all, we work outside! Spring on the east coast of Florida is pretty much perfect. You know what else is perfect? A pool that is safe and ready for your family as well as all visitors that come your way! In a previous blog, we presented the heartbreaking statistics regarding drownings in Florida, along with the state laws requiring a barrier (four feet high, minimum) and a space between that barrier and your pool. We promised to tell you how we can help with your pool safety! So, here we go!

Aside from a backyard fence, there are other steps you can take to ensure pool safety. If you have children at home, children that come to visit, or even adults who are unstable on their feet or non-swimmers, a backyard fence won’t keep them out of your pool. You may even have pets that you want to keep out of your pool either for cleanliness purposes or because they can’t swim well. Believe it or not, not all dogs are good swimmers. And, as many pets age, their eyesight worsens just like people. They can easily fall into the pool, just like a toddler. There are alarms you can put on your doors leading out to your pool, so you will know if anyone goes out there that shouldn’t. There are also alarms you can put in your pool to let you know if the surface of the water is breached. You can also put a lock up high on the doors leading to the pool, out of reach of young children. Remember though, children are smart and may figure out how to pull up a chair and unlock it.

What should you do if you have an unfenced backyard?

It can be quite costly to have a fence installed around the entire perimeter of your yard, particularly if you have a rather large parcel of land. At Tripod Aluminum, we take the safety of your family and visitors VERY seriously. That is why we are proud to offer our Baby Guard pool fencing. Our Baby Guard fences/gates are made from durable materials with the highest attention to detail upon installation. These can be installed in addition to your backyard fencing, as they are designed to surround just the pool area. Or, they can be installed as the required barrier you need if you don’t have a backyard fence. Either way, no little ones or pets can get in unassisted and no non-swimmers can accidentally fall into your pool!

We have been in business for over twenty years. We love knowing that we can play a part in keeping your little ones safe. Even with alarms and locks, kids are great at getting what they want. If your child is determined, they may find a way OUT to the pool, but with our Baby Guard pool gate, they won’t find a way IN to the pool! We proudly serve Melbourne, Palm Bay, and surrounding towns, such as Port St. Lucie and Melbourne Beach. Please call us today and allow us to provide you with a free estimate. You can’t put a price on peace of mind.

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