3 Reasons Pool & Patio Enclosures Projects May Take Longer Than Desired

Slow Shipping Is Affecting Pool and Patio Enclosures

We know you are probably ready to scream if you hear, “It’s because of COVID” one more time!  Unfortunately, the pandemic continues to have an impact on the construction industry. Including companies like Tripod Aluminum that build aluminum fences, pool, and patio enclosures in Melbourne, FL.

1. Shipping Delays

First, it depends on where your supplies are originating.  If it is within the 48 contiguous United States, then your shipping may not be as delayed as it is for those who have supplies being shipped to/from Alaska, Hawaii, or overseas.  It is no secret that much of what we use in the United States, in a wide variety of industries, is shipped from China.  With ongoing tariff and trade issues between our two countries, there is no immediate end in sight to the delay in shipping.

2. Material Shortage

Additionally, COVID-19 has closed down many manufacturing plants, sometimes multiple times.  This causes the plant to fall behind on orders which also causes delays.  Something can’t be shipped if it hasn’t been manufactured yet!

3. High Demand

The high demand for products is putting a strain on manufacturing and shipping.  People have been stuck at home for a LONG time.  They are finding ways to fill their time, such as home improvement projects which has caused a major increase in demand, particularly in certain industries like construction.

Can I Get a Pool or Patio Enclosure Installed Right Now?

Tripod Aluminum is still hard at work in an effort to complete your project in the most timely manner possible.  Waiting is particularly hard in our society that has become so accustomed to same-day shipping.   Sometimes we even receive an item the same day it was ordered!  We understand your frustration.  We aren’t enjoying waiting around for our supplies any more than you are enjoying waiting for us to complete your project.

While your project may not be completed as quickly as it would have been two years ago (pre-pandemic), rest assured that it WILL be completed.  Not only that but it will be completed with the highest quality materials installed by our trained staff.

Tripod Aluminum appreciates you entrusting us with your pool enclosures, patio enclosures, and aluminum fencing projects for over twenty years.  We will continue to serve the surrounding areas, such as Merritt Island, Cocoa, and Vero Beach, with pride – delays may slow us down, but they won’t stop us!  Please stop by our on-site showroom in Melbourne or give us a call today.  We look forward to serving you!

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