Thanksgiving Gratitude

Celebrating a holiday surrounded by your family and loved ones makes the Thanksgiving dinner much more special. Gratitude and appreciation are shared as everyone enjoys a nice, warm meal together. Autumn decorations with oranges and yellows and earthy browns bring a warm and welcoming feeling to the home. The smell of mouth-watering spiced cinnamon and pumpkin pie fills the air getting everyone’s stomachs ready for dessert. Smiles and laughter are exchanged when old friends catch up and reminisce about childhood memories.

For many, a back porch is a place where memories have been shared over many years, from meals with the family to tea parties to dinner on prom night and to the many Thanksgiving dinners. Perhaps your grandmother’s china is dusted off and used for this special occasion.


The wonderful thing about fall is that you can keep your decorations up until Thanksgiving. This means you have the creative freedom to decorate your porch and home however you wish. If golden colors catch your eye this season you can make your own wreath and centerpieces by spraying the craft with gold spray paint. Keep your pumpkins out for the festivities to be shared by all.

Hay bales, corn, and scarecrows are a popular theme for decorations right now. You can place pumpkins on the hay bales or colorful flowers.

Family photographs

If you’re feeling nostalgic print out some family photos and use clothes-pins to attach them to your wreath or a decoration in the home. This decoration will bring back memories of the family members in the photos and it will take them back to the wonderful feeling of the good old days.


During dinnertime go around the table and take turns sharing what you are grateful for or a pleasant memory that happened over the past year. You can even make a game out of it and print out place cards that have different questions on them such as “What makes you feel happy?” and “How did you help someone today?” Place these cards in a bowl. If you have some guests over that don’t know everyone well these are wonderful conversation starters to help ease the tension in the room.

Above all, have a good time and enjoy spending time with loved ones on your screened porch in Port Saint Lucie, Florida. If you need any repairs to be made to your screened in porch before the holidays arrive please contact Tripod Aluminum and we can schedule an appointment.

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