Scents, Tastes, and Memories

We have all experienced it – a mere whiff of a certain scent or one bite of a specific food and we are transported to another time and place.  It is quite amazing how our senses are attached to memories.  The senses of smell and taste are quite connected to each other.  If you have ever plugged your nose in order to swallow cold medicine or choke down your veggies as a kid, then you know that simply by plugging your nose, you block out the potency of the taste.

These senses are closely related to our memories.  One local Brevard County resident says, “The taste of cinnamon immediately takes me back to being a kid when my little brother and I would both put an Atomic Fireball candy in our mouth and see who could hold it in their mouth the longest!”  Another Melbourne, FL resident shares, “Roses.  My grandma used to wear a rose-scented perfume, and every time I smell roses, I think of her.”  As you can see from these two stories, both taste and smell are related to our memories.

The olfactory bulb which processes incoming smells runs along the bottom of the brain and has direct connections to the amygdala and hippocampus.  These two areas of the brain are major parts of emotion and memory.  Visual cues, sounds, and touch do not pass through these same areas of the brain.  That is why the taste of cinnamon in the above story would trigger the memory much more so than simply seeing cinnamon on a store shelf.  It is also why smelling a rose would trigger the memory (and emotions) much more so than simply seeing a rose or the bottle of perfume.

Because of these connections between our sense of smell and our brain, we may smell a scent without even being fully aware of it, then have emotions triggered by that scent.  We may suddenly feel peaceful or anxious, happy or sad without realizing why.  This is a good reason to keep scents in your home that promote feelings of well-being for everyone who lives there.  If lemon is your favorite scent, but it evokes negative memories for another member of the household, be cognizant of that and respectful of the effect it has on them.  Find a scent that makes everyone feel good while in the home.

The smells outside vary based on where you live.  For those who live by the beach, you may detect a hint of salt in the air.  Some may have fragrant flowers in the yard like jasmine.  Others may smell fresh cut grass from nearby fields.  Many outdoor smells evoke positive feelings in people.  If you want to enjoy more time outside, then you should give us a call at Tripod Aluminum.  We are a fence company in Melbourne, FL that also specializes in screened rooms, pool enclosures, and pool screen repair.  With our high-quality materials and two decades of experience, we can really help expand your outdoor living space.  We are located in Melbourne but serve our surrounding communities as well, such as Palm Bay, Cocoa, Merritt Island, and Viera.  Give us a call today or stop by our showroom.  We look forward to doing business with you!

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