Pastime on the Porch

Sitting in old rustic chairs with candy-apple red cushions and a pitcher of lemonade revives the lost pastime of lounging on the porch. Traditional porch sitting is a lost art that is coming back into style. A porch adds another dimension to homes and is the perfect place to sit outside and watch the sunset; to tell stories that were passed down from generation to generation, to enjoy living, to sunbathe, to drink some hot tea in the winter, and to sit quietly with your thoughts. Among other things, the porch was the place to be long before there were television and air conditioning.

Here are pastimes you can enjoy on your porch:

Get creative

Get out a sketchbook and some paint, and paint a tree or something that catches your eye in your yard. Paint what you see and try not to worry about how good or bad it looks, just paint. If art isn’t your thing then bring out a good book to read while you hang out on the porch. Reflect on the past year and see how far you’ve grown and what challenges you’ve overcome. Write down what your thoughts about 2017 and set some goals for the New Year.


Sitting outside in the sun’s ultraviolet rays creates Vitamin D in the body. Vitamin D is an essential nutrient which helps promote healthy bones, is anti-cancerous, supports the immune system, and protects against dementia and brain aging. It also strengthens teeth and it decreases asthma symptoms. A moderate amount of sun exposure each day is also beneficial for skin disorders; it lowers blood pressure and cholesterol and increases oxygen content in your blood.

Tea time

As the weather starts nearing winter the temperatures are starting to drop at night. This makes for a lovely time to sit outside under the stars and enjoy a nice cup of tea before bedtime. Creating a ritual before bedtime will help ease you into tranquility. Valerian tea is known as a natural sedative to help increase your quality of sleep. Lavender tea is calming and will put you into deep relaxation.

Whatever pastime you enjoy on your screened in porch in Palm Bay, Florida make sure to take some time out of your day to sit on your porch and indulge. If you need any help with repairs that need to be made to your screened in porch please give Tripod Aluminum a call.

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