Our Local Pests

No matter where you live, there are pests.  We don’t mean your neighbors!  Shame on you!  No, we are talking about the local little bugs and critters that live in the area.  Some places are much more dangerous than others, to be sure.  Here in Florida, we have our fair share of both friendly and unfriendly creatures.  Let’s look at some of our local “neighbors” here on the Space Coast and the nearby area.

Right now we are in the midst of the Love Bug Season.  We suppose it’s not an ACTUAL season, but it feels like it.  Our cars are plastered with them.  They land in our hair.  If we eat outside on our patio, we are lucky if they don’t land on our plates.  Their population has actually decreased in recent years.  For that, we think we can all send up a unanimous “thank you!”  They are not harmful as they do not bite or sting, but they are definitely pesky.

Mosquitoes go without saying in Florida.  They are out in full force during our warm, humid summer months.  It seems they take biting us to an Olympic level, doesn’t it?  Some people react quite badly to mosquito bites.  We also have had dangerous mosquitoes here that spread the Zika virus.  Mosquitoes can be more than pests, bringing dangerous illnesses.  If you are spending any time outside, we highly recommend using mosquito repellent.  You can use things like citronella and lemongrass in your yard and mosquito repellent sprays on your body.  They have come a long way over the years and don’t all smell horrible anymore.

There are also the other flying insects that are out when the weather is nice and everything is in bloom.  There are bees, wasps, and yellow jackets.  Generally, they leave people alone but definitely, do your best to steer clear of them.  If you have ever had a bad reaction to a sting, it is best that you carry an EpiPen or at least Benadryl with you.  The next sting can cause a worse reaction, building to a possible anaphylactic allergic reaction at some point.  If you know you are allergic, always carry your EpiPen.

Of course, we have our ever-present lizards, geckos, and frogs.  If you live mainland in the Melbourne or Palm Bay area, there is always the danger of alligators in local waters.  We don’t think we need to warn you of their dangers.  If you live here, you know.  Stay away and keep small pets and children away from the water’s edge!

If you live in the Melbourne, Palm Bay, or the beachside area, we may be able to offer you a bit of a solution to your bug and critter problems.  At Tripod Aluminum,  we build screen enclosures which keep out those little (and big) pests!  We offer the highest quality materials.  We can make any area you desire a screened area whether it is a balcony, patio, or full pool area enclosure.  Imagine eating dinner at your patio table without a single fly, mosquito, or love bug!  Enjoy your backyard the way you have always wanted to and give us a call today.

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