Enjoy Living in the Sunshine State while Protecting Yourself from the Sun

Living in the Sunshine State means plenty of beach days, fun in the pool, picnics and barbecues year-round because Florida is sunny and warm for most of the year. Those who live other states often stay indoors once winter hits to avoid snow, blizzards and generally unpleasant weather. Floridians never have to worry about shoveling snow, wearing ten layers of clothing, or driving in icy conditions.

While living in Florida has many perks, there are some things about living in the Sunshine State that aren’t so great for your health. The amount of sun we are exposed to living in Florida is much higher than other states. Florida has the second highest rate of melanoma in the United States, preceded only by California. Skin cancer is a very real possibility for Florida residents, which is why we should take precautions to protect ourselves and our families from the harmful rays of the sun. Tripod Aluminum has compiled a list of ways to prevent skin cancer while still enjoying the outdoors.

  • Use Sunscreen! This is an obvious one, but it is one of the most effective ways to prevent skin cancer. Did you know that using a broad-spectrum sunscreen with a 30 SPF blocks out about 97% of UVA and UVB rays? These harmful rays play key roles in causing skin cancer, so be vigilant about applying sunscreen and make sure to re-apply at least once per hour.
  • Read the expiration dates on the sunscreen you already have, because expired sunscreen is less effective.
  • If you are swimming in a pool, ocean or lake, make sure to use water-resistant sunscreen and re-apply often since your sunscreen will still come off a little while swimming.
  • Wear a hat, UV-protectant sunglasses, and clothing when you can. Your hat will provide much-needed shade for your face and neck, your sunglasses will protect your eyes from developing certain eye diseases associated with UV ray exposure, and wear long sleeved clothing to give you an extra layer of protection from the sun.
  • If you own a pool, consider adding a pool enclosure if you don’t already have one. If you don’t have a pool but enjoy being outdoors, screening in a patio or porch is a great way to enjoy the sunshine without sacrificing your health. Having your outdoor areas screened in helps block UV rays and has other benefits like keeping out insects, dirt and debris.

At Tripod Aluminum, we construct top-of-the line pool enclosures and screened rooms as well as aluminum fences and baby enclosures. We want to help keep you and your family safe from the sun’s harmful rays without missing out on all the outdoor fun. Living in the Sunshine State truly is paradise, but it’s important to take precautions against getting skin cancer. Call us today to schedule your estimate, and rest easy knowing we have been providing high quality screening and fencing services to Melbourne, FL and surrounding cities for years.

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