Dealing with the Aftermath of Hurricane Matthew

Although Hurricane Matthew devastated certain areas and hit some parts of Florida harder than others, Brevard County residents were able to breathe a sigh of relief when the hurricane took a slight turn to the northeast. If it had stayed on its projected path, we would be facing far worse damage than what occurred. Fortunately, most residents of Melbourne, Palm Bay and the Space Coast suffered little to no damage to their homes and most importantly remained safe.

The Caribbean was not as lucky as Florida was. CNN reported 276 deaths in Cuba, Haiti and the Bahamas. Many homes and buildings were destroyed, widespread flooding occurred, and food resources were decimated. When Hurricane Matthew made landfall in Florida it continued up the east coast. The Carolinas experienced flooding as a result of the hurricane, and as of October 10th the death toll in the U.S. reached 21.

Comparatively, we were spared from the full force of Hurricane Matthew. For residents of Brevard County, Hurricane Matthew left in its wake plenty of debris, fallen trees, downed power lines and widespread power outages. Many fences fell over or blew away in the strong winds, screen enclosures suffered damage, and many roofs are missing shingles. There will undoubtedly be weeks or months of repairs for many homes and businesses in Rockledge, Indialantic, Cocoa Beach and beyond. That being said, we dodged a bullet compared to many other areas hit by this hurricane like Haiti and the Bahamas.

By now most of the debris has been cleared and power is back on in Brevard, FL but many people still need repairs to their fences, patios, porches and pool enclosures. Luckily this is our specialty at Tripod Aluminum; our trained craftsmen can fix any rips in your screens, repair any outdoor enclosures, construct new fences and handle just about any repairs to your outdoor areas. If your home or business was damaged by Hurricane Matthew we are here to help. We use only the highest quality materials built to withstand strong winds and rain, so the next time a tropical storm or hurricane hits you will be less likely to experience any damage. Contact us today to schedule an estimate and we will have your fence, railings, pool or patio enclosures and screens repaired in no time.

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