Clear Pools are Clearly Fun!

The warmth of April reminds us that we have probably put all our “cold” days behind us until next winter.  In all fairness, we don’t experience bitter cold here in Florida like they do in other states.  But, as we all know, our blood really is thinner from living here than it is for people living in places that experience frigid temperatures on a yearly basis.  So, while our winter may not seem cold to others, it is plenty cold to us!  We are happily welcoming in the warm weather.

What comes with warm weather?  Swimming!  While our pools require year-round maintenance, there are still some basic things we can do before attempting our first cannonball of the spring.  First, make sure your pool is clean.  Remove any debris that has made its way in there.  Warm weather doesn’t necessarily mean no wind.  We still get leaves and even twigs and an occasional palm frond blowing in from somewhere that decides to land in the deep end.  Use your big pool net and scoop all that out.  Even if you have a pool sweep device, the big things like twigs are too big and can get stuck or even break your pool sweeper.  As for items on the surface of the pool like little bugs or small leaves that float, you can either turn on your skimmer or remove them yourself with a skimmer net.  These nets are more shallow than the big nets used to clean off the bottom of the pool.

Once the pool is free of debris, it is time to check your chemicals.  There are little kits you can buy that you use to test your water.  Take one little tube at a time, reach into your pool up to about your elbow and scoop water into the tube, tap water out until it is at the marked line, put in 5 drops of one chemical, put on the lid, shake it up, and see what color the water turns.  It has a guide to show you if the level is ideal or if you need to add something to your water.  An easy, basic kit comes with a chemical to test the chlorine level and one to test the pH of the water.  Add any chemicals, if necessary.

If you have pool floats or toys, now is the time to inspect them.  For inflatables, use a pump (you will turn blue if you don’t!) to blow them all up, checking for any leaks.  You can either patch the leak if you can find it or you can discard the popped inflatable.  If you have any styrofoam pool items like “pool noodles,”  check to see that they are still in good condition.  The sun and water take their toll on these pretty quickly.  If pieces of styrofoam come off in your hand, discard the “noodle.”  Those pieces will get sucked into your pool sweeper and filter which is not good for any of your equipment.  Additionally, if any toys have gotten mildew on them over the winter months, you can try soaking them in a mixture of ½ cup of bleach and 1 gallon of water. If that doesn’t remove the mildew, then it is time to toss them.

Cleaning a pool does take time and effort, but it can be enjoyable to be out in the sun and fresh air, taking care of it.  If you don’t have time, are not physically capable, or really just want to be able to enjoy the pool without all the upkeep, there are plenty of reputable pool care companies you can call that can take care of your pool on a weekly basis.

If you have a Port St Lucie pool enclosure that needs repair or are interested in having a pool enclosure built, please give us a call at Tripod Aluminum!  Our pool enclosures are made from high-grade materials and installed with the utmost professionalism.  Having a pool enclosure makes keeping your pool clean MUCH easier!  If you are in the Melbourne or Palm Bay area, as well as the beach towns, we would love to come give you an estimate.  Call us today!

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