Backyard Light Ideas

Putting up lights on the outside of your home doesn’t have to be just for the holidays. After you put a fence up around your yard you may want to make your backyard feel more like home with some decorations or lights. Stringing lights from your fence will create a nice ambiance in your yard and lighting up the darker parts will make you feel safer while gazing at the stars at night.

Here are some simple tips and fence lighting options that will bring life into your yard:

It’s electric

Check your fence line and see if there are easily accessible electrical outlets available for you to plug your lights in. If you don’t have easy access then you might consider using solar powered lights or LED lights, which are both environmentally friendly options. There are many options other than electrical lights that are just as bright and appealing. If you decide to use solar-powered fixtures, make sure to place them where they will receive a maximum exposure to sunlight throughout the day.


Think about what kind of mood or tone you want to create in your backyard. Maybe you enjoy having friends over and entertaining, or maybe you want to create a romantic, soft mood as the sun sets. If your yard is big you may want lights around the perimeter of your fence to help illuminate it for security purposes.


Look into the many options of what kind of lighting would be best for you. Think about the trees and landscape of your yard when considering what lighting to use. Keep in mind the height of the foliage around your yard and if it will hinder lights in certain areas depending on the placement of the lights. Research natural lighting, solar lights, and electric lights for a broad spectrum of options to see what will compliment your space. You can always purchase a pre-assembled kit if you’re not sure about putting it together on your own.

No matter what lighting you choose, enjoy the ambiance in your yard as the sun sets in the twilight of the evening with those you care about most. After all, at our local enclosure and fence company located in Melbourne, Florida we want you to have fun choosing your favorite lights to illuminate your backyard. If you have any questions about installing your fence please don’t hesitate to give Tripod Aluminum a call today.

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