Is Your Home Ready for Hurricane Matthew?

As Hurricane Matthew rips through the Caribbean, weather forecasts predict it will hit our home state of Florida. It made landfall in Haiti with winds up to 145 mph and torrential rain, causing flooding in areas of Haiti. As it continues to travel northwest, the East Coast of the U.S. is in danger of facing this destructive hurricane.

As of Tuesday, October 4th, a hurricane watch has been issued in South Florida and the East Coast, including Brevard County. Florida Governor Rick Scott has declared a state of emergency in Florida, and it is very possible that we will be facing the brunt of Hurricane Matthew this weekend. At Tripod Aluminum, located in Melbourne, FL, we are preparing our homes for the possible destruction Hurricane Matthew could bring, and we urge residents of the Space Coast and Central Florida to do the same. We have compiled some useful information to help you prepare for this hurricane below.

Have an evacuation plan

Always have an evacuation plan is place. While it is encouraged that you evacuate out of the “danger zone” to a friend or family member’s home or a hotel, emergency shelters are also available in Brevard County. Click or tap here to see the evacuation routes and shelters in Brevard.

Stock up on supplies

Make sure to have flashlights, batteries, a first aid kit, a battery-powered radio, plenty of water and non perishable food packed and ready should you need to evacuate.

Cover your windows and glass doors

If you do not have hurricane shutters, use plywood or at least duct tape to provide some cover for your windows. Since we are already under a hurricane watch, it is not feasible to get custom fitted plywood or hurricane shutters for each of your windows, so do the best you can with what materials you have. If your windows are broken during Hurricane Matthew, the interior of your home will have little protection to withstand the rain and debris that will be blown about by strong winds.

Remove debris around your home

Scour your yard and move any branches, bricks, outdoor furniture or anything that could potentially be picked up by hurricane force winds and damage your home. Also trim any weak branches that could potentially snap and hit your house.

Store your valuables and important papers in a safe place

Place any jewelry, important documents and meaningful items in waterproof containers and store them in an interior room at the top level of your house.

From our family to yours, Tripod Aluminum wishes you a safe weekend. Prepare yourself for Hurricane Matthew, and if an evacuation is ordered we urge you to comply. Next week we will assess any damage Brevard County may incur from Hurricane Matthew and provide information on how to deal with any damage to your home, outdoor enclosures or screen rooms. If any repairs to your pool enclosure or screens are needed, we have you covered. We have been serving Melbourne, Palm Bay, and the surrounding Port St. Lucie cities for over 20 years, and we use only the highest quality materials.

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