Did Dorian Damage Your Pool Enclosure?

Florida recently experienced the EXTREMELY slow-moving Hurricane Dorian.  It devastated the Bahamas and made its way toward the eastern coast at a snail’s pace…and NO, we are NOT complaining!  We are grateful that its impact was significantly less than anything experienced in the Bahamas and surrounding areas, and our hearts go out to the residents there!


By now, the hurricane has come and gone.  It will get added to the spray-painted tally on people’s plywood, added to cute, beachy signs listing all the hurricane’s one has been through, and added to our memories.  We hope that it left your home and property untouched, but with fairly strong winds and rain, it is likely that someone reading this sustained some type of damage.


Tripod Aluminum is known for building beautiful pool enclosures and screen rooms, but you may not have been aware that we also repair these structures when they have been damaged.  Screen repair is absolutely part of our business, and we suspect that some of you reading this may currently be in need of pool screen repairs or porch screen repairs in Melbourne, FL.  Perhaps you thought that if your screen was damaged, the entire screen had to be replaced.  That depends on the extent of the damage.  If it can be repaired and it is at a lower cost to you than replacing it, then we are happy to repair your screens!


In fact, most screens will need a repair at some point in their lifetime whether from a storm, a pet, or a child!  Maybe you don’t yet have a pool enclosure, patio enclosure, or porch enclosure.  If not, we will be happy to come out to see what you would like to have done and give you a free estimate.  Don’t let the fact that they may eventually require a repair keep you from having a great outdoor living space free of insects and debris!  A possible repair once every several years is nothing compared to the years of enjoyment you will get out of your extended outdoor living space!


Although your pool screen enclosure may sustain some screen damage during a hurricane, that is not always the case.  And, your enclosure WILL help protect your pool from all the debris that flies around during a hurricane.  If you see someone’s pool without an enclosure versus a pool with an enclosure after a hurricane, then you will see the massive difference.  One person may be cleaning their pool for hours while the other person may only need to do a regular netting of their pool!


Whether you are in the market for a pool or patio enclosure or are in need of a pool screen repair or a fence company, then you need to be calling us at Tripod Aluminum!  We can meet all of these needs and do so with the highest quality products.  We are sorry for any damage you may have sustained during Dorian, but we are happy to help put your outdoor space back together as soon as possible!  We are located in Melbourne and serve our surrounding areas such as Cocoa and Merritt Island, and we look forward to serving you.

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