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How Important is a Pool Safety Fence?

With our beautiful weather and warm temperatures that last the majority of the year, many homes in Florida have swimming pools.  They can really be a worthwhile investment here as you can use them for so many months out of the year.  For those without pools, they often choose not to have a pool installed as they have safety concerns surrounding the existence of a pool in their yards.  We applaud their caution, but also want to reassure them that there are safety precautions they can put in place to enjoy a pool like so many of their friends and neighbors already do.


If you have young children or are planning to have a family in the near future, we understand your pool safety concerns.  There are multiple ways to help keep little ones safe while still having a pool in the backyard.  One such precaution is an alarm that you can install on all doors leading to the backyard.  They let out a continuous sound, so you will definitely know that the door has been opened.


Another simple yet effective safety measure is installing a lock at the top of any doors that lead to the backyard. Make sure it is high enough that young children still can’t reach it even if they climb up on a chair.  They can be very persistent and creative!


An excellent safety precaution is having a safety fence installed around the pool.  A fence around your yard will help keep neighborhood children from falling into your pool.  But, what about your own children or those of guests?  This is why a Baby Guard fence is a great idea for your home pool.


An added bonus to the safety feature of a Baby Guard fence is that it keeps pets and other animals out of your pool.  If you have a breed of dog that likes water like a Labrador or Golden Retriever, it can be a chore to make sure that they don’t take a dip in your pool.  With the Baby Guard fence, you will no longer have to worry about that.  Additionally, it can keep other unwanted animals out of your pool!


You may be thinking that your children are getting older and you won’t need the Baby Guard fence that long.  However, if you have friends or family members with young children that come over for a visit, it is a great safety measure to have in place.  Also, believe it or not, you may have grandchildren someday or maybe you already do.  Wouldn’t you like that extra peace of mind when the grandkids are over to play?  Remember, however, a Baby Guard fence is NOT a babysitter.  Adult supervision is ALWAYS the best safety precaution to have in place for young children.


Tripod Aluminum has been in business for over twenty years, and we specialize in Baby Guard fences, aluminum fences, screened rooms, and pool enclosures.  We love making your outdoor living space beautiful and safe.  If you are interested in any of the products that we install, then please give us a call today.  We are located in Melbourne, FL and serve our surrounding areas like Cocoa, Viera, and all of Brevard County.  Please give us a call or stop by our on-site showroom today!

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