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Five Tips for Pool Safety

Did you know that Florida has the most swimming pools out of the 50 states?  Did you also know that, according to the CDC, drowning deaths are the second leading cause of unintentional injury deaths for children ages 0-17 and the leading cause for ages 0-4?  There are multiple things you can do to make your pool a safer place to play for your family and friends.  This article is going to show you 5 specific tips for pool safety.  If you have a swimming pool, then please consider these tips if you have not yet implemented them.  

There are a variety of ways to make your pool safer.  Five tips that you should consider are a pool cover, a bottom filter cover, an alarm, a pool enclosure, and a Baby Guard fence.  Implementing one of these tips will make your pool safer.  We suggest implementing all of them.  Your pool can never be TOO safe.

Tripod Aluminum has been in business for thirty years building pool enclosures and installing Baby Guard fences.  We know that a pool can be a wonderful gathering spot for family and friends.  We love being able to help make your pool a safer place for these gatherings.  Along with the other tips in this article, we hope you will consider having a pool enclosure and Baby Guard fence installed.  Let’s take a look at the 5 tips we are suggesting.

#1  Pool cover

Pool covers have come a long way from your grandparents’ days of “bubble wrap” covers.  While those can be effective in keeping out debris, they are not, in any way, a safety cover.  In fact, if children step on them, they can become entangled in them, making escape or rescue more difficult or impossible.  Consider a retractable cover or a cover that has a strap system.  These covers are made from durable materials and are designed to keep anyone from falling into the pool, even if stepped on.  Be sure to indicate that you want a safety pool cover and not just a general debris cover.  

#2  Bottom filter cover

Most likely, your pool has a filter on the side where you plug in your pool sweeper, as well as a filter on the bottom of the pool.  Over time the cover on the bottom may crack or the screws may become rusty.  It is important that this bottom filter cover is in excellent condition and securely fastened.  If a child is swimming while the bottom filter is on, their hair, hand, or foot could become suctioned keeping them underwater.  This is a terrifying thought and one that is far too easily remedied to be ignored.

#3  Pool alarm

There are two different types of alarms, and you may want to install both as that will give you a two-part alarm system making it more certain that you will be aware if a little one heads to the pool or falls into the pool.  First, you can install an alarm on the door leading to the pool so that you know if it has been opened. Second, you can install an alarm that detects waves in the pool and alerts you if the surface of the water has been disturbed.

#4  Pool enclosure

This is where Tripod Aluminum can help!  A pool enclosure can be useful in keeping neighbor children from falling into your pool.  Your own children will still have the same access to the pool.  However, your pool will be enclosed in a screened-in room.  There will be screened doors leading into the pool enclosure, but we can install doors with high latches making it difficult for children to open them.  Keeping all kids safe near your pool is our aim.

#5  Baby Guard fence

Having the opportunity to install Baby Guard fences is a privilege for us at Tripod Aluminum as we know it can help keep all children safer.  It also keeps pets from falling in which can also be a concern.  Believe it or not, not all dogs are great swimmers.  It is also helpful if you have loved ones that are not steady on their feet and may be prone to falling.  The Baby Guard fence can help protect them all.  This wonderful fence surrounds your pool helping to prevent it from becoming a drowning hazard.


Drownings are a serious threat to children, but you aren’t helpless in preventing them.  Nothing and nobody can guarantee that it won’t happen, but above we have listed 5 excellent tips to make your swimming pool safer.  Installing a safety pool cover, ensuring that your bottom filter cover is secure, door and pool alarms, installing a pool enclosure, and installing a Baby Guard fence are all great steps to take to make your little piece of paradise a much safer place.

If you are interested in having a pool enclosure and/or a Baby Guard fence installed, then please contact us at Tripod Aluminum or stop by our on-site showroom located in Melbourne.  We proudly serve all surrounding communities, such as Cocoa Beach, Merritt Island, Satellite Beach, and Palm Bay.  We look forward to serving you and your family!

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