Screened Rooms for Businesses

If you are a business owner and have enjoyed a screened room or pool enclosure at home, we recommend that you also consider a screened room for your business.



Many types of businesses can benefit from a screened room. We encourage you to consider what a screened room might do for you, your employees, and your customers/clients at your place of business.


Real Estate

If you are a real estate developer, home investor, house flipper, or apartment building owner, then there is no doubt that you would benefit from a screened room. A screened room gives the occupants the feeling of additional living space. This will make a great selling point for your investment or attract renters to your rental properties. If you own an apartment complex or condo, think about screening in the patio or balcony. Your tenants will love having a protected outdoor space to enjoy without pesky insects.



If you are a restaurant owner that has an outdoor eating space, then a screened enclosure is a must! It adds shade and makes the area cooler, as well as keeping insects off your customers’ beautiful meals!

Having this space screened could literally be the difference between some customers choosing to stay and eat or leaving and looking for a different restaurant! There is no downside to a screened outdoor eating space! Customers love the fresh air and great weather here in Florida.  Many of them will choose to sit outdoors over indoors, so having the area screened is an added bonus that will keep them coming back to your restaurant!


Commercial Buildings or Offices

Perhaps you own a commercial building or office with employees that are stuck inside all day.  Having a screened enclosure built onto your building will give them a great place to take their breaks, eat their lunch, and get refreshed. It has been proven that happy employees are more productive, so this is an excellent way to reward your loyal employees while also benefitting your company.




Tripod Aluminum has been in business in Melbourne for over twenty years providing our customers with beautiful screen enclosures that offer protection from UV rays, extended living space, and an escape from insects while enjoying the outdoors.

We offer free estimates, so give us a call today to see how we might enhance your business – whether it is a rental property, restaurant, or an office building.

We proudly serve Brevard and Indian River Counties, so whether you are in Merritt Island, Melbourne, Sebastian, or Vero Beach, we can’t wait to hear from you!

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