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Your fences may need replacing for a variety of reasons.  Have you ever considered aluminum fences?  They are beautiful, rust-resistant, and sturdy!  We think they may be just what you’re looking for!


Have you been replacing boards or even whole panels of your fence?  Your fences may become weaker when you are simply making repairs to them rather than replacing them.  If you are having to frequently repair your fences, it may be time to do a full fence replacement. 

If your fences are wood construction and your boards are breaking, faded, or showing signs of dry rot, then it may be time to replace them.  If your fences are showing major signs of wear, then they may no longer be safe.  They may blow down easier during a storm.  They may be broken easily by your pets or wildlife creatures, allowing your pets to escape and unwanted critters to enter your property.

If you have fences made from materials that are rusting, then you may wish to replace them.  While the fences may still have some life in them, they are definitely weakened by rust.  Getting rust on your clothes from a rusty fence can ruin them.  More seriously, getting cut by a rusty fence can lead to infection.

Perhaps you are just ready for a new look for your yard.  Replacing old, faded, wooden fencing with aluminum fencing will give your property an updated look while providing the security that you desire.

And, obviously, if any of your fences have begun to lean or have already fallen, then it is time for a replacement.  So, what should you look for in replacement fencing?


When looking to replace your fences, it is essential to choose fencing that will last a long time, so you aren’t doing this large project again in the near future!  Your bank account will thank you!  Therefore, you want your fencing to be made of durable material.

Because we live in Florida, you want fences that can withstand our extreme weather.  We have an abundance of sunshine, rain, and humidity!  Anyone else reading this might wonder how you can have both an abundance of sunshine and rain, but we Floridians know that we often have both in the same day and sometimes at the same time!


Aluminum is a wonderfully diverse element that is used in a wide variety of items.  We may automatically think of soda cans or aluminum foil that we use to cover food.  But, did you know that it is used in things as diverse as window frames and airplanes?  And, yes, it is used to make fences!

Aluminum is resistant to corrosion which is perfect in our high-humidity weather.  It will not fall apart or get dry rot like wood.  It will not rust like old chain link fences.  Even galvanized chain link fences will eventually form rust.  And, aluminum fences are quite durable and not easily blown over during storms.  All of these reasons combine to make aluminum a winner in the fencing industry!

Additionally, aluminum fences look great!  They add great curb appeal when used in the front yard and are a great addition to the backyard or any large property. One of the benefits of aluminum fencing is that it can be used on any terrain.  Whether you live on a property that is flat, has gently rolling hills, or a steep incline, aluminum fencing will work for you!  From ornate designs to simple, sleek designs, we feel confident that you will find something in our showroom that will fit your style, needs, and budget!  Our trained staff is there to help you through the entire process.


Tripod Aluminum has been in business in Melbourne, FL for almost thirty years!  We have an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau.  We walk you through the process from choosing your fencing until the project is completed to your satisfaction.  After all, your satisfaction is our goal!  As builders of pool enclosures, patio enclosures, screened-in porches, and aluminum fences, we hope to have satisfied customers that will use us again for their various needs!

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Very happy with Tripod Aluminum's screen enclosure work. Despite Port Saint Lucie's extra permit needs for our 1984 home, they quickly resumed and finished the project to our great satisfaction.
Charise Renee
Screen Enclosure in Port Saint Lucie
Chose Tripod for our patio and screen enclosure, finding their price and quality unbeatable. Impressed by their professionalism and the custom features added, like reinforced concrete and an outdoor shower.
Stuart Sheinman
Patio & Screen Enclosure
Hired Tripod Aluminum for screening our front porch and installing double doors. Despite material delays, the installation was flawless, thanks to their efficient, meticulous team. Very happy with their work.
Kathy Wright
Screened-in Porch


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