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Can You Decorate Pool Enclosures for the Holidays?

‘Tis the season to be jolly, but can I decorate my pool enclosure with holly?  There are a few great ways to decorate your pool enclosures and outdoor living spaces this holiday season.  This article is going to talk about what decorations are safe for your pool enclosures and give you some decorating ideas.  If you have a pool enclosure and are anxious to get your yard decorated for the holidays, then please follow the guidelines below for a beautiful pool area and an undamaged pool enclosure!

Pool enclosures can look beautiful when decorated for the holidays and really spruce up (pun intended!) your outdoor living space.  We will discuss what decorations will look beautiful without damaging your pool enclosure and what decorations you should avoid.

As you pull down a myriad of green and red tubs from the attic, you may be wondering how you are going to use all those amazing decorations.  Well, don’t reserve them for the inside of your home.  Your yard deserves to have the holiday spirit too!  Let’s look at ways to make your pool enclosure a part of your holiday celebration.

Decorations You Should Avoid Using on Your Pool Enclosure

There are two main components to your pool enclosure – the aluminum frame and the screens.  In order to protect your frame from becoming bent, you should not hang anything heavy on your pool enclosure.  A Christmas tree dangling from the center, hanging over your pool might seem like a brilliant idea, but if you wake up to the Christmas tree in the pool and a damaged pool enclosure you might think differently.

You should not hang anything that will damage or tear the screens.  Items that can poke and tear your screens should be avoided.  Things like wreaths and garlands look very pretty and MAY be ok, but you should hang them with caution.  They often contain items like pine cones which are quite rough.  If the wreaths or garlands get bumped too much or blown around by the wind, they may tear your screens.

Decorations That Are Safe for Your Pool Enclosure

Lights are a timeless holiday decoration.  Everything truly feels merry and bright when you see twinkling lights.  Lights live up to their name – they are light!  They are safe to hang on the aluminum parts of your pool enclosure.  Honestly, in our humble opinion, white lights look lovely all year round if you feel so inclined.  The multi-colored lights have a definite holiday feel and might be best suited for the holiday season.  Other lightweight decorations like big bows are another option for your pool enclosure.

Other than that, we suggest decorating the area within your pool enclosure.  You can find outdoor holiday throw pillows at Walmart to add to your patio furniture.  Many people put lighted decor in their front yards, but why not the back yard too, particularly if you are hosting a holiday party?  And, who said Christmas trees are only for the inside?  If you put up a Christmas tree, then why not get one for the patio too?  It gives you a great excuse to buy those cute ornaments you saw at the store last week!

We don’t want to neglect safety and must point out the fact that all of this decorating is taking place near a pool which means it is taking place near water.  Please keep all electrical cords at a safe distance from the pool.  Additionally, while we know it is common sense, we just want to remind you to keep small children away from those electrical cords.  If you don’t have a Baby Guard fence around your pool, now may be the perfect time to have one installed by us.


The holidays are the perfect time to decorate your pool enclosure, as long as you use the right decorations.  They make your outdoor space as inviting as your indoor space.  More holiday cheer never hurt anyone!  If you do have a decorating mishap and experience any screen tears, please give us a call right away for your pool screen repair.  Additionally, if you would like to have a Baby Guard gate installed, we would love to do that for you.  From Tripod Aluminum to your family – may your days be merry and bright!

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