Can You Repair Pool Screening on a Pool Enclosure?

RRRRIIIP . . . you hear that awful sound as a twig flies through the air making contact with your pool enclosure screen and tearing through it.  NO!  You don’t want to replace the screens.  There are things you can do to help prevent pool screen tears, and you can get pool screens repaired when they do get torn.  This article will discuss both preventative measures you can take to avoid pool screen tears, as well as what to do when it is time for a pool screen repair.  If you have a pool enclosure, then this article will share valuable information with you that you don’t want to miss, so keep reading!

Pool enclosure screens CAN be repaired, depending on the size of the tear and the age of the screening.  Professional pool enclosure installers have the knowledge, supplies, and tools to do such repairs. 

Pool enclosures are great.  They protect your pool from the sun, yard debris, and unwelcome critters.  They do require upkeep and sometimes repairs though.  If you have never sustained damage to your pool enclosure or have recently become the proud owner of an enclosure, then this article will provide you with valuable information that you may need.  This article will discuss how to prevent damage to your pool enclosure screening.  It will also look at what to do if damage does occur. 

How Can You Prevent Damage to Your Pool Enclosure Screens?

Before we discuss repairing or replacing damaged pool enclosure screens, let’s first discuss how to prevent such damage from occurring in the first place.  A common occurrence is for pets to run through screens because they don’t know they are there.  Spike spots a squirrel in the yard and is highly offended by this uninvited intruder.  He does not realize there is a screen between him and the object of his hostility.  Full speed ahead, Spike runs right through the screen.  There are a couple of ways to prevent this.  Acquaint your dog with your new pool enclosure.  Show him where the door is and teach him how to ask to go out without pawing at the screen because a dog’s claws can cause small holes or tears in it.  Another way to prevent this accident is to have a doggie door installed in your pool enclosure!

An important safety measure to take to protect your screens is putting away all potentially airborne objects when a storm is coming.  Thankfully, unlike earthquakes, we get plenty of warnings that a hurricane is on its way.  Use those couple of days to secure any items that could fly through your enclosure causing tears.  Also, use this time to trim back any trees or bushes that could tear your screen when it gets extremely windy.

Not all damage can be prevented.  As you know, during a hurricane, many objects fly around.  You cannot control if your neighbor leaves items in their yard that fly into yours.  You also can’t control branches breaking.  Do what you can.  If damage occurs, then the next section of this article will tell you what to do!

What Should You Do if Your Pool Screen is Damaged?

If a tear occurs in your pool screen, a simple repair may fix it.  How do you know if it needs to be repaired or replaced?  Small holes from dog claws or a small projectile, like a twig, can likely be fixed with a repair.  If something larger goes through the screen creating a large hole, the screen may have to be replaced.

If Spike runs through your screen, it often simply pops the screen out from the frame.  This is an easy repair that doesn’t require any repair to the screen itself.  It can be popped back into the frame with a simple tool.  You may even be able to do this yourself.

The age of your screen will also come into play.  For example, a small hole in a relatively new screen can be repaired.  However, if your screening is fifteen years old and brittle from the sun, then it is probably best to replace it.  While it may be time to have your pool enclosure re-screened, we understand that most people live on a budget. If you can only do sections at a time, that is understandable.

Who Can Do a Pool Screen Repair?

Tripod Aluminum is located in Melbourne, FL, and has been in business for 30 years!  We install patio enclosures, porch enclosures, and pool enclosures!  We also perform repairs on screening for any of these enclosures.  If you are in need of a repair or re-screening, then please contact us today!  We look forward to helping you with all your enclosure needs!

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