Are Pool Enclosures Worth It?

You see them everywhere you go in Florida.  Homeowners have screened enclosures built around their swimming pools.  What is the purpose?  And, more to the point, are they worth it?  Should you invest in a pool enclosure of your own?

Pool enclosures serve important purposes. They do things for your pool that nothing else can do, making them a one-of-a-kind investment. They are not cheap, but they are well worth it!

When making any decision regarding a home improvement, all homeowners want to know that they are getting a good return on their investment.  In other words, is it worth it?  Are you going to get enough benefits from the improvement to make it worth as much or more than the cost?  You have all heard people say things like, “That’s the best $5000 I ever spent.” or “That was worth every dime.”  That is how you want to feel about any home improvement.  A pool enclosure is one such improvement, and you will definitely get your money’s worth!

The 3 Benefits of Pool Enclosures

  1. They keep your pool clean.  For any of you that have spent hours cleaning your pool after a tropical storm or hurricane has blown through, you may not even need to read further to realize how beneficial pool enclosures are!  While the screening of a pool enclosure can’t keep out every minuscule particle of dust, it will keep your pool extremely clean!  You will not have to fish out twigs, random debris, or thousands of oak leaves off your neighbor’s tree out of your pool.  (If you have an oak tree nearby, you know what we are talking about!)  A pool enclosure will save you an immense amount of time that would otherwise be spent cleaning your pool.
  2. They keep out pests.  A wonderful benefit of pool enclosures is that they keep out pests!  Imagine sitting in your backyard, visiting with friends, and watching your kids play in the pool.  Does this picture also include you swatting at mosquitos or chasing away a wasp that is harassing your seven-year-old child?  With a pool enclosure, that part of the equation is GONE!  You can actually enjoy your backyard.  They also keep out larger pests like possums and raccoons!
  3. They protect you and your pool from the sun.  The screening of pool enclosures helps protect you from the sun’s harmful UV rays.  They are not a replacement for sunscreen, however.  The UV Index (the level of UV radiation) is very high in Florida, so it is important to still wear sunscreen.  The screening also protects your pool from the sun.  With a pool enclosure, your pool will not use as much chlorine, saving you money on pool chemicals!  So, really, pool enclosures protect you, your pool, and your wallet!

What Is the Cost of a Pool Enclosure?

Clearly, pool enclosures are beneficial.  But, back to your original question – are they worth it?  You want to know the bottom line – how much is it going to cost?  The price will vary based on the size of the pool enclosure, as well as the materials used.  For example, here at Tripod Aluminum, we normally charge more for stainless steel anchors.  However, we are currently running a special in which our stainless steel anchors come free with your screen enclosure!  All that to say, prices vary.

 Remember, less expensive is not always the best choice.  Less expensive may mean poor construction or cheap, flimsy building materials.  Expect to pay $10,000-$15,000 for an average-size pool enclosure.  Also, bear in mind, that in today’s economy, the cost of aluminum has increased.  Unfortunately, contractors have no choice but to pass that cost on to their customers if they still want to make money to provide for their families.  Get estimates from a few companies.  Compare the materials they use, their prices, and their reviews.  If a company’s estimate is substantially lower than the others, that is probably a red flag to stay away!

Your pool enclosure can last you decades!  You will eventually need to have screening replaced as the sun will take its toll over time, but if it is a quality constructed frame, then you will get MANY years of protection from your pool enclosure, making the cost well worth it!

Where Can I Get a Pool Enclosure in Brevard County?

If you live in Melbourne, Palm Bay, Merritt Island, or any of the beautiful towns in Brevard County, then look no further than Tripod Aluminum to meet your pool enclosure needs!  We have been in business since 1993, and that is almost 30 years of serving Brevard County!  We are located in Melbourne, FL, and have an on-site showroom that you are welcome to visit!  Our knowledgeable staff can answer any questions, get you set up for an estimate, and walk you through the entire pool enclosure building process!  We are ready to serve you and know that you will be one of our many customers who will proclaim, “YES!  My pool enclosure was worth it!”

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