3 Things To Make Your Summer Pool Safer

Although the official first day of summer is June 21, we all know that it really begins as soon as school is out for summer break!  And, here in Brevard County, school is out!  The weather seems to have taken note as the month of May got progressively warmer.  And, one of the best and most fun ways to cool down from the summer heat is to go swimming!  However, before you take the plunge, cannonball, or belly flop take a look at our tips for swimming pool safety!

Here are 3 things that will make your summer pool safer.

Flotation Devices

Having a pool is a big responsibility.  You want everyone to enjoy themselves.  In order for that to happen, everyone needs to observe basic pool safety.  One such safety device is a life vest, also called a Personal Flotation Device.  Other flotation devices such as rings or ride-on giant unicorns are not actual safety devices.

While arm floaties can help keep a child afloat, the tried and true top choice for water safety is the life vest.  Arm floaties are simple inflatables just like the ‘floatie’ rings or giant unicorns.  They can deflate or pop in which case the child will be in danger of drowning.  A traditional life vest is not inflatable, so there is no danger of deflation or popping. Yes, we realize that airplane life vests are inflatable, but we will assume you didn’t steal one on your last vacation!

A ring buoy is the type of ring you see hanging by lifeguard stations at public pools or hotel pools, for example.  These ARE used for pool rescue purposes, but they are not intended to be used by a child as a safety device in the same way you would use a life vest.  It is a good idea to have one handy.


We have mentioned this in previous blogs, and it cannot be repeated enough – there is no substitution for vigilant adult supervision when children are swimming.  If you are having a large gathering, we recommend hiring a local lifeguard for your party.  This will allow the adults to visit while having an extra set of trained eyes on the pool.  However, we still recommend keeping your eyes on your child at all times.  The more people watching the pool and doing a headcount, the better.

Maybe you like the idea of hiring a lifeguard for your party, but you don’t know where to find one.  Head down to the beach!  Ask the lifeguard on duty if he or she is willing to work on a day off or if they can connect you with other lifeguards who might be interested.  Another great idea is to contact a swim instructor.  They may be willing to supervise your party.  Never leave children unattended in the pool.  No matter how good of a swimmer someone is, accidents happen easily and quickly.  Drowning is called a silent death.  It usually does not consist of splashing and yelling, but rather it consists of a child who has gone under that can’t make it to the surface or who is being accidentally held under by other people or flotation toys in the pool.  Supervise, supervise, supervise!

Baby Guard Pool Fence

There are times that you don’t want little ones in the pool, like when you aren’t out there!  An excellent pool safety device to have is a Baby Guard pool fence.  These excellent pool fences are also effective in keeping pets and unwanted wildlife critters out of the pool.  They are also great to have if you have a physically disabled or elderly person visiting or living with you who is unsteady on their feet.  This fence can help protect loved ones from taking an unwanted splash into the pool.

Tripod Aluminum, located in Melbourne, FL has been serving Melbourne and the surrounding communities, such as Palm Bay, Cocoa, Viera, and Merritt Island for almost thirty years!  We specialize in Baby Guard pool fences, aluminum fences, patio enclosures, and pool enclosures.  If you are in the market for any of these additions to your yard, then please stop by our on-site showroom to look at the variety of options we offer.  We can give you a free estimate, as well.  Start this summer right with safety measures in place for a fun, safe summer!

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