How to Prevent Your Dog From Digging Under Your Fence

Taking your dog outside to play is much easier with a fenced yard, but unfortunately, some dogs like to dig underneath the fence and will try to escape. Your dog may be digging for entertainment, in an effort to catch insects, to lie in cool dirt, to escape, or for attention. Don’t worry because there are a few ways you can prevent your dog from digging under your fence while keeping your property secured.

Here are some simple tricks you can use to deter your dog from digging under your fence:

Spice up your life

Using cooking spices is a quick way to avert your dog from digging under your fence. Dogs have a keen sense of smell and you can use this to your advantage without having to go out to the store to purchase something. Look in your spice cabinet for cayenne pepper or chili powder and sprinkle it along the fence line. Once your dog gets a whiff of these spicy smells he will surely decide to dig somewhere else.

Use materials

Burying materials underneath the baseline of your fence will block dogs from digging any further underground. This is an easy solution. You can bury large rocks; cement blocks, pieces of wood, or chicken wire. Alternatively, you can lay the large rocks above ground around the fence line and this should do the trick. Chicken wire will stop dogs without hurting them. They will feel the chicken wire and realize they can’t dig any deeper.


If you have a fence that your dog can see out of and you find your dog reacting to everything he sees on the other side of the fence then try bamboo fencing material. This will allow for more privacy and your dog will no longer be tempted to dig under your fence line to see all of the dogs that walk by.


Oftentimes if your dog is relentlessly digging he is most likely bored and not getting enough exercise. Make sure your dog has enough toys to keep him occupied and expend his energy. Taking your dog on walks and throwing the ball with your dog will allow him to release pent-up energy.

Fences are a great way to let your dog off leash in a safely enclosed area and keep other animals out of your yard. If you’re in Port Saint Lucie or Palm Bay areas, check out our aluminum fences at Tripod Aluminum. We use only top-quality materials and have been serving Brevard County for over 20 years.

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