Aluminum Costs and Tariffs – Not Bad News

At Tripod Aluminum we use high-quality aluminum building materials for our screen enclosures and fencing. Because of this, we have been closely monitoring the tariff on aluminum, as well as the cost of aluminum. What we are finding is good news!

The cost of aluminum has been coming down lately, which is great. We have tried hard not to let the volatility of the aluminum market affect our customers via our pricing. Having the prices come down and hopefully level off will allow us to maintain this goal.

Being located in Melbourne, we are in close proximity to Cape Canaveral and Kennedy Space Center. You may not have known that we share something in common with them – our interest in aluminum! Traditionally, Brevard County is one of the most cost-effective locations for the aerospace industry. Go Space Coast!

Several months ago we were quite concerned over the tariff being imposed on aluminum. Come to find out, the Aerospace Industries Association shared the same concerns. In case you aren’t an aerospace engineer (how many of us are, really?), let us explain why they were concerned. Aluminum is a key material used in the manufacturing of aircraft. It is also largely used in the automotive industry. In case you ever doubted the durability and quality of our products, we trust this will put your mind at ease! If it’s good enough for an aircraft or vehicle, surely it is good enough for your screened room or yard fencing!

While any market is bound to fluctuate, we are pleased with how it is currently looking for aluminum. Our area relies heavily on our space industry and it is a large part of our local workforce. Even if aluminum goes back up in price a little, it is still good news for our area. You might be wondering how that could be possible. Quite simply, with our area being more affordable in its housing and general cost of living, aerospace companies that are located in other expensive parts of the country may look to our area for relocation as a cost-saving measure. That means more jobs, and that is always good news for a community!

As promised in our previous blog regarding the aluminum tariff, we will continue to keep an eye on aluminum and its undulating cost. We will continue to do everything in our power to not have to pass that cost on to our customers! We want to see you again as a repeat customer for future needs or hear that you passed our name on to a neighbor. We want to be a local company that you can depend on for quality.

If you are in the market for any type of screen enclosure for your balcony, porch, patio, or pool area, please call us today! Additionally, if you are in the market for high quality, beautiful aluminum fencing, please call us today. We proudly serve Brevard County and the surrounding areas. Let us meet all your screen enclosure and fencing needs!

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