5 Best Reasons to Get Aluminum Fencing

You want me to get a fence made out of the same material as my Coke can? Yes, as a matter of fact, we do! But we have good reasons! Aluminum is actually a great material for fencing and aluminum fences are preferable to wood or vinyl fences in multiple situations.

Aluminum fences are durable, sturdy, and beautiful making them an excellent choice for fencing. If you are looking for pool fencing, fencing that provides an unobstructed view, fencing that is good in high-wind areas, fencing for security purposes, or fencing that adds to your home’s curb appeal, then getting an aluminum fence is the right choice for you.

Tripod Aluminum in Melbourne, FL, installs beautiful aluminum fences to meet a variety of fencing needs. If you have never considered aluminum fencing, this article will lay out the benefits of aluminum fences for you to consider.  And hopefully, you will be convinced that aluminum fences are right for you!

#1 Pool Fencing

If you are interested in blocking off your pool to prevent easy access, aluminum fencing is a great option.  Even if you have a fenced yard, you may want additional security around the pool. Let’s read what a homeowner had to say about their aluminum fencing.

“When our first two children were toddlers we moved into a house with a pool. The location of the pool allowed for the pool to be blocked off with aluminum fencing with a gate. It was great because they were too little to reach the gate latch, and it made us feel more secure when they played on their playset in the backyard.  Additionally, it had a beautiful passionfruit vine growing on it which only added to its beauty.  Our kids would grab a passionfruit on their way to the pool with us!”

Even though they had a fully fenced yard, the aluminum fence blocking off the pool added to their sense of security which is invaluable.  If you have little ones or pets that you want to keep out of the pool, a beautiful aluminum fence could be the solution.

#2 Fencing that Provides an Unobstructed View

If you live in a wetlands or beach area,  you may want an unobstructed view from your home and yard.  What do you do if you need fencing but don’t want to block your view? You get aluminum fences!  Wood and vinyl are as good as building a wall around your house when it comes to a view.  Aluminum fences are a great fencing alternative to maintain an unobstructed view.

 #3 Fencing for High-Wind Areas

Florida can get high winds, particularly during hurricane season.  Even when we make it through a year without a hurricane, many of our spring and summer thunderstorms bring high winds.  And, of course, hurricanes can bring winds well over 100 miles per hour.

When you see a wooden fence leaning, guess what caused it?  While you can experience high winds anywhere in Florida, communities near the beach are particularly at risk for high winds.  If you don’t want the “Leaning Tower of Pisa” look for your fence, we suggest aluminum fencing.  It can be installed around any size yard, even a large property.  It can also be installed on uneven ground.  It is the perfect solution for open spaces and high-wind areas. 

#4 Fencing for Security Purposes

We already discussed how aluminum fences are great for security around pools.  They are also great added security for your yard and home.  With different styles to choose from, you can choose a very high aluminum fence making it difficult to jump over.  You can also choose an ornate style with sharp ornamentation on the top which definitely discourages anyone from attempting to hop over it.  You can add a lock to your gate, as well, for added security.

#5 Fencing That Adds to Your Home’s Curb Appeal

Fencing is often necessary.  It helps to keep children and pets safely inside your yard and keeps unwanted intruders off your property.  But most people don’t want to put a wood fence in their front yard!  Talk about looking like an unfriendly neighbor!  Aluminum fences are the perfect solution.  You get the fence you need while actually enhancing the curb appeal of your home.  With different heights and styles ranging from traditional to modern and sleek, there is definitely an aluminum fence for you.


Tripod Aluminum installs beautiful aluminum fences to meet a variety of fencing needs.  They are great for pool fencing.  They provide an unobstructed view, providing you with the fence you need without giving up the view you love.  They will not lean from high winds but will be strong and sturdy for years to come.  They provide security making you and your family feel safer.  They add great curb appeal to any home.  With our onsite showroom, you can view the different styles of aluminum fences that we offer.  Our knowledgeable and friendly staff is there to answer your questions.  We look forward to installing your aluminum fence in the near future!

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