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4 Reasons to Install Aluminum Fencing

Did you know aluminum is used in the construction of airplanes?  Aluminum is durable and strong and creates beautiful fences.  This article will discuss 4 reasons you should install aluminum fencing at your home.  If you have been considering having fencing installed, it’s time to consider aluminum fencing!

Aluminum fences are an excellent investment.  If you have never considered aluminum fencing, these four reasons to choose it will impress you.  Four reasons to install aluminum fencing are:  1) pool fencing, 2) security, 3) keeping pets in/pests out, and 4) safety for kids.

Tripod Aluminum has been doing business in Melbourne, FL, for thirty years!  We specialize in aluminum fences, as well as patio enclosures, and pool enclosures.  We have seen many ups and downs in the industry including the fluctuating price of aluminum and the difficulties with supply chains during COVID.  Through it all, Tripod Aluminum has continued to deliver quality products to its customers!  We love our aluminum fencing and think that this article will help you understand why!

#1 Pool Fencing

While we build beautiful pool enclosures, including panoramic pool enclosures, we understand that not everyone wants this type of enclosure for various reasons.  Sometimes, it’s simply a matter of personal taste.  If that is you, then consider aluminum fencing for your pool.  If you are unfamiliar with aluminum fencing, it comes in a variety of styles.  It resembles wrought-iron fencing but is rust-resistant making it an excellent choice in Florida!  Florida pools are required to have at least a 4-foot high barrier.  Why not choose one that is pleasant to look at?  Pool fencing helps keep your family safe.  It prevents non-swimmers from accidentally falling into the pool.  No matter how vigilant you are, a pool fence is an extra measure of safety that can’t be overlooked.  Our pool fencing is lovely and will not take away from the look of your pool area.  We know of one family that had an aluminum fence and gate leading to their pool area.  They had a beautiful passion fruit vine growing on it!  Safety and snacks all in one!

#2  Security

If you are interested in adding to your home’s security, an aluminum fence is an excellent choice.  While there are different styles to choose from, you can choose one with spires (pointy rods) to make climbing over your fence far less enticing!  Even without spires, a fence is a deterrent.  You can add lock mechanisms to your gates to ensure extra security.  This is a great choice for people who travel frequently or who only live here part of the year (aka snowbirds).  If you travel frequently and have loved ones that are home while you are away, you can all feel better about their safety with this added security measure.

#3  Keeping Pets In and Pests Out

Aluminum fences are a great way to keep your pets safe.  They can run around your yard with freedom without being in danger of running into the street, having someone doggie-nap them, or having a predator sneak in.  Fences can’t keep hawks out, so it’s always good to supervise small pets. 

Aluminum fences keep large pests out.  You probably have enough on your to-do list without having to pick up dog poop from the neighbor’s dog!  We also have coyotes in the area.  A fence will likely keep a gator out too which is good for you, your family, your pets, and your pool if you have one!  If you want to keep leaves and small pests like frogs out of your pool, then one of our pool enclosures might be the right solution for you.

#4 Safety for Children

We understand that for some of you, your pets ARE your children.  For those with human children, the fences provide the same safety as they do for pets.  They help keep small children in the yard, particularly when they are too small to reach the gate latch.  Our aluminum fences are so appealing that they can be used in the front yard, as well as the back yard.  They truly add curb appeal and in no way take away from the look of your house.  So, if you have children or pets that like to play out front, our aluminum fences are a great option.  They also keep balls and skateboards from rolling into the street where you little one might dangerously chase after them.


Aluminum fences are a beautiful way to add to your home.  Four excellent reasons for installing aluminum fencing are pool fencing, security, keeping pets in/pests out, and safety for children.  If you are interested in learning about the advantages of aluminum fencing, then check out our blog, “4 Advantages of Aluminum Fences.” 

Tripod Aluminum is located in Melbourne, FL.  We are open Mon-Fri, 8am-4pm.  We have an onsite showroom for you to visit to check out the variety of beautiful aluminum fences we have to offer.  Our knowledgeable and helpful staff can guide you to the choice that is best for your needs, tastes, and budget!  Stop by today.  We look forward to serving you!

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